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Life in Space
April 21st, 2013

Life in Space

Broadcasting from the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, inspires and educates a group of high school students about of life in space, and in response to a question posed by 10th graders, he reveals what it looks like when you wring out a washcloth in deep space. In zero gravity, he starts the demo by taking a vacuum-packed NASA washcloth and soaks it with water. That in itself is pretty amazing to watch. Then he wrings out the washcloth, the water hovers and clings to his hands, nothing drips, instead you see a horizontal bubble of water clinging to his hands. The simple and fascinating experiment was a grand prize winning suggestion by a group of 10th grade Canadian students during a recent national science contest. Life is Good!

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  1. Everett O. Hicks:

    The Canadian spacefarer took to YouTube this week to reveal what it looks like when you wring out a common washcloth in space. It sounds like a fairly pedestrian demonstration, but this simple act is something that we only take for granted because of Earth's gravity. In zero gravity, things are much different. Hadfield starts the demonstration by taking a vacuum-packed NASA washcloth from a special case (yes, we want one, too), and then uses a water bottle to soak the washcloth with water.