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BRAVE - Brenda Chapman at KCC
April 11th, 2013

BRAVE - Brenda Chapman at KCC

I had blogged earlier when Brenda Chapman was en route to Honolulu as her presentation at Kapiolani Community College was free and what an opportunity for the public to meet a great talent, the creator of the hit animated film, Brave. Her vision, "Brave", was financed by animation giant, Pixar, and she shared her experiences in workshops, “Story to Script/Script to Story”.
Brenda had been a successful animator prior to creating, writing, and directing the Academy Award-winning film, Brave -- featuring Pixar’s first-ever female protagonist. Surprising? One year prior to the film's release Pixar really surprised her by "letting her go" as director of the production, due to "creative differences". Brenda has since then left PIxar to return to Disney where she began her career working on several projects including The Little Mermaid and Lion King. She continues to move forward in her creative endeavors and says she really enjoys mentoring young filmmakers.

I highly recommend checking out Sharon Sussman's classes at Kapiolani Community College. If you're interested in animation, also visit where you can view other great artists in the field of animation, storyboard design, and character design. Thanks to Pacific Network & Jacob Johnson.

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    Brave-Oh Brenda Chapman!

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