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The Hawaiians - Special Broadcast
April 1st, 2013

The Hawaiians - Special Broadcast

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The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit will air on April 3, Wednesday night at 7p on KFVE, in a special commercial - free screening for local Hawaii audiences. The film premiered at the Smithsonian's new Museum of the American Indian and at that time it aired nationally on American Public TV. Since then, it has not been televised so this is a rare broadcast. It is scheduled just prior to the 50th anniversary of Merrie Monarch Festival and a dvd signing is also set for Hilo (Apr 9th all day) and in Honolulu at Hilo Hattie (Apr 19, 3p - 7p) with live music (Lehua Kalima, Sean Pimentel), food and drink, a gallery show in tribute to the MMF with Frank B. Shaner, and mc is Kaleo Pilanca so come down and join us! For our friends outside of Hawaii please visit the site to purchase a copy of the film. Proceeds help us produce more authentic films and books, made in and about Hawaii! Mahalo.

5 Responses to “The Hawaiians - Special Broadcast”

  1. Carly Land:

    Can't wait to see this film!!!

  2. Ken Conklin:

    "The Hawaiians -- Reflecting Spirit" is a magnificent propaganda film in the tradition of Leni Riefenstahl -- beautiful scenery, excellent production values, intensely inspirational, packing a powerful emotional punch. The concept of the film is to portray ethnic Hawaiians as a proud indigenous people as though they are still like their ancestors from centuries ago -- maintaining a subsistence lifestyle, intimately and constantly in touch with the land and the gods, with communal land tenure and benevolent spiritually-focused leadership. The unmistakable message embedded in the film is "E mau ana ka ha'aheo" -- the pride endures -- a song written by Haunani Apoliona who headed both Alu Like and OHA.

    The film was produced using gobs of money from OHA and Bishop Estate (Kamehameha Schools). It was carefully scheduled for maximum political impact. It was released and nationally televised in 2005 a few months before the Akaka bill was expected to come to the floor of the U.S. Senate. But Hurricane Katrina blew the Akaka bill off the Senate floor until a year later, by which time the film's psychological and political impact had faded.

    In case anyone doesn't understand the role of this film as political propaganda supporting Hawaiian sovereignty, just remember that the strongest argument given in support of the Akaka bill (and also Hawaii Act 195 of 2011) is the claim that ethnic Hawaiians are an indigenous people entitled to the same legal recognition and special rights as the other two groups of America's indigenous peoples; i.e., Native Americans and Native Alaskans. Unfortunately there's nothing sexy in explaining the truth about history, and the reasons why multiracial unity, equality under the law, and individual rights are important values. We who defend those things in Hawaii have not yet found people who can inspire the public through artwork, music, and film (today we must add YouTube videos and tweets) and we have not yet found powerful institutions and wealthy donors to sponsor such things.

    I will always think of "The Hawaiians -- Reflecting Spirit" in the same way I think of Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" -- a period-piece propaganda film embedded in a particular culture and political environment, making use of powerful and inspiring imagery in service to an evil racist agenda. So grab some popcorn, relax in a favorite chair, and spend an hour on a marvelous fantasy adventure.

  3. Kevin Daley:

    Ken Conklin you sound and talk like a rascist... SAD!!!!!

  4. V. Ching:

    I have not yet seen this film, nor am I a supporter of Hawaiian sovereignty. However, I find Mr. Conklin's comments both condescending and offensive. Based on what I've read about this film and my conversations with those who have seen it, it is outrageous to compare "The Hawaiians -- Reflecting Spirit" with the work of Leni Riefenstahl. By drawing a comparison between the sovereignty movement and the Nazi party with its horrifying agenda, Mr. Conklin has lost me as an audience.

  5. Hapa Girl:

    I didn't even bother to read Ken Conklin's comment. Would someone please expose this guy for who he is. I received an email from this nut without having ever had any contact with him. I believe he picked my email address up off a public sign in sheet at one of the WCC open forums. He was extremely insulting and came from a place of hate. I felt assaulted given I NEVER GAVE HIM MY EMAIL ADDRESS. I would like to give my real name but I do not want to have this freak email me again! I just wish someone would explain why he decided to come to Hawaii and seemingly came with the agenda of creating a clear opposition to ANYTHING HAWAIIAN. He uses shoe polish on his head and beard and wears some tired Kukui nut lei in order to sit passively in kanaka maoli gatherings. Although he does not (that I know of) bother family gatherings, he does attend most public gatherings intended to strengthen Hawaiian identified groups. Ken Conklin is nothing but a troll. He has nothing to offer but anguish. He thinks being a Devil's Advocate is equal to an intelligent conversation. Nothing good to say about him and nothing good can come from him