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Vandana Shiva on GMO
February 6th, 2013

Dr Vandana Shiva on GMO

Vandana Shiva visited Hawaii for a few days recently, appearing at the State Capitol, where thousands of anti- GMO (genetically modified organisms) protestors came in support. Because of our consistent climate and isolation, Hawaii has been host to the world's largest seed conglomerates (Monsanto, Pioneer Seed) who do their genetic testing on crops grown on various islands. It has long been a controversial subject as to how much of these genetically modified organisms find their way into our natural environment, and the controversy continues to grow so to speak. Many Americans question large corporate control over "ownership" of seeds and hence, ownership of food, and the rights of small family farmers to grow their own crops. Here is a brief sampler of Dr Shiva's message to the world. If you have been, like many Americans, unsure of how safe or how dangerous GMO foods are to your and your family's health, we're featuring a series of videos on the subject. You decide.

Next up is a video by "Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives" covering the relationships between the FDA, current and past directors of companies like Monsanto (who decades ago told the American public that DDT and PCP were safe), and commentary by various scientists in the national community who have been vehemently opposed to GMO food technologies.

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