Life is Good
Minds Without Fear
January 4th, 2013

Minds Without Fear

Here is more great music. This track is a blending of talents. Vishal Shekar is a contemporary Indian composer - performer who works in film and whose work is inspired by classical Hindustani chant and instrumentation. American Grammy recipient, Imogen Heap, is an "electro-pop" artist who is also versed in audio engineering and producing. Together they have created a fabulous song so appropriate to our growing world community. Mahalo to my gf Jill Hoffman for sending this great video our way. Enjoy. You can skip the in depth profiles on each musician to hear the song at around (33:31) into the video but all of this I find very exciting. Maybe we'll see a peaceful world in 2013 if we leave it up to the Artists of the world. What do you think? Life is good!

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