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One Pound Fish
January 2nd, 2013

One Pound Fish

Here's another viral hit world wide. From innovative fishmonger to international YouTube sensation, Muhammad Shahid Nazir has turned one pound worth of fish into a viral pop hook that's got people everywhere tapping their feet to the beat.

Nazir, a 31-year-old Pakistani fish seller, rose to fame after a video of him hawking fish at Queens Market in London made its rounds on the Internet earlier this year. In the catchy clip, Nazir -- also known as the "One Pound Fish guy" -- sings a simple ditty about his fishy wares.

"Have a, have a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, one pound fish," he croons, welcoming customers to shop for the frozen fish he has on sale for one British pound (about $1.60 but anyone remember when an English pound was less than $1 US?).

As popularity of the YouTube clip grew, Nazir was approached by Warner Music to record a "techno-infused version" of his now-famous song. He also made a music video to accompany the new track -- a Bollywood-style clip that features a number of racily-clad dancers. Featured on TV shows including Anderson Cooper (Anderson Live) his story has been covered by news agencies from the Associated Press, to Al-Jazeera.

The original video has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube, and the song clinched the 29th spot on the UK top 40 chart over Christmas. "One Pound Fish changed my whole life," Nazir, who returned to Pakistan last week to a hero's welcome, "I am so happy now."

According to the AFP, Nazir is now planning on traveling to France and the United States to release his fish-tastic single. Thanks to Yunus Peer for sending this video our way!

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