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Hitchcock a Classic
November 30th, 2012

Hitchcock a Classic

If you have not seen the film on Hitchcock ("The Girl") and his allegedly compulsive obsession with Tipi Hedren (mother of Melanie Griffith) who starred in his classics, "The Birds" and "Marnie", said to be Hitchcock's great last work, or you're anticipating seeing the new feature film on Hitchcock's life (starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren as Mrs. H) -- both bios may not be the whole story and nothing but the story. Only Tipi Hedren knows and though she is quoted in a few Hollywood magazines and on line features (, not sure she's telling. Certainly not at AFI's screening of The Birds, where she remained elegant and focused on introducing one of the most renowned 20th century classics.

Rumored in Hollywood for many years, one had always heard that Hitchcock was enamored with beautiful blonde leading actresses (Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint, Janet Leigh, Kim Novak) but that he became obsessed with Hedren beyond what was acceptably sane behavior. Here are two clips from both films, each thematically very different but both focus on one of the greatest filmmakers who remains a mystery to many. After viewing The Girl, I'd like to learn more about Mrs. Hitchcock, who apparently contributed more to his films than one realizes.

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