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Save Kahilu Theatre

July 30th, 2012

Save Kahilu Theatre
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This Public Appeal on behalf of the Kahilu Theatre was sent by friends in Waimea aka Kamuela, Big Island:

Richard Smart so loved the theater - he was in stage productions on- and off-Broadway for many years and played night clubs worldwide before and after the second World War, including the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Diamond Head Theater, as well as Kahilu Theater. When he moved home to Waimea to take over the Parker Ranch, he had Kahilu built as a culture and arts venue for the Waimea people and the island’s ranching community, naming it after his beloved mother, Thelma Kahilu Parker. Kahilu Theater supported and represented his passion for culture and arts as evidenced by the many theater productions he sponsored, produced, directed and acted in.

When Richard took over the Ranch in 1959, there was no North Hawaii Hospital, Kahilu Theater, or Parker School. He built the Kahilu Theater in 1981, supported the Lucy Henriques Medical Center and created Parker School. After he died, his trust beneficiaries were Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Lucy Henriques/North Hawaii Hospital, Parker School and a small charitable fund at the Hawaii Community Association.

“In 1992, about halfway through the Theatre’s current thirty years, Smart passed away and the Theater lost its mentor and financial mainstay, although it remained part of Parker Ranch. After a period of discussion and retrenching the theatre became independent from the Ranch in 1994. Then in 2001 the Kahilu Theatre Foundation acquired a 30-year lease to operate the Kahilu, though it is not a beneficiary of the Parker Ranch Trust, which owns the Theatre.” (from the Kahilu Theater website)

The theatre has been unable to come up with the sufficient grant support in the past few years, probably because of the current economy and competition from other non-profits. So we turn to our community to develop a viable plan to sustain this beautiful theatre. There may be some who can afford to step up to the plate and get the theatre out of debt, but that's a band aid - we need to work on long-term sustainability.

Time Line
Lucy Kalanikumaikiekie Henriques and her cousin Lucy Peabody share a vision of improving healthcare in North Hawaii.
Lucy Henriques wills land and a trust fund for a medical facility at Makahikilua in Waimea.
Northern Hawaii Hospital Corporation (NHHC) forms to plan an acute-care hospital.
Parker Ranch owner Richard Smart commits to a new hospital, but agreement with the State and community cannot be reached as to where and how it should be built.
Lucy Henriques Medical Center (LHMC) is chartered as an alternative and phase-in for the NHHC.
LHMC opens freestanding Emergency Room, X-Ray, Lab and Medical Offices.
North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) incorporates as a non-profit 501(c)(3), kicks off grass roots effort to provide access to acute-care services within the “golden hour.”
NHCH Advisory Board forms with representatives from North Hawaii communities.
State Legislature appropriates $824,000 for plan and design of NHCH.
NHCH preliminary planning calls for 50-bed, acute-care facility, estimated cost at $25 million; Legislature passes Resolution of Intent to fund half of construction.
Legislature approves $12.5 million grant-in-aid to be matched by private funds. Capital Campaign begins. LHMC pledges $2 million.
NHCH fund raising reaches goal, matching State’s $12.5 million.

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Facebook Facing Hard Times

July 27th, 2012

Facebook Facing Hard Times

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If you engage in or follow the stock market you likely would have heard early this morning, that the latest twist in the saga of Facebook gone public is... not so great. An 11% plunge in its stock at midday trading today after they reported slowing revenue growth and just after going public. Certainly not great news for the "Harvard-born company" and its founder who anticipated the next big global boom in Internet business. For those of us who are FB users and fans, get ready to see some monetization put in place on the world's most popular social networking platform. Facebook must increase its revenue flow and not just from tiles and banners ads. Prepare yourself for much more. Here's a great summation from the online journal, HuffPost, July 27, 2012:

Thing Two: Facebook Reports Earnings, People Yawn:
Facebook reported its earnings for the first time as a public company Thursday, and the results came in at a resounding "meh." Despite better-than-expected revenue growth, investors fled Facebook in droves in after-hours trading. Shares dropped 10 percent to their lowest level ever, according to the WSJ. They may have been concerned about the company’s slow revenue growth or the huge expenses that weighed it down in the second quarter.

Also of concern, Facebook offered no guidance on how the company would boost advertising, according to Reuters. Company executives noted on the call that they managed to boost advertising on mobile. Still, analysts expressed worry that Facebook wouldn’t be able to hold users attention long enough to make money off of them.

Another question no one -- including our intrepid HuffPost livebloggers -- seemed to have an answer to: whether Zuck was wearing his famed hoodie on the call.

Visit We're still free to the public!

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Dragon Boat Festival 2012

July 25th, 2012

Hawaii Dragonboat Festival

For video from last year's event visit

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Whole Foods - Whole Kids

July 23rd, 2012

Whole Foods - Whole Kids

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It’s not all reading, writing and arithmetic for local keiki as they head back to school this fall. Thanks to the Whole Kids Foundation, a nonprofit created by Whole Foods Market, six Hawai‘i-based schools including four on Oahu and two on Maui, will receive $2000 grants to expand upon or create community or school gardens.

These "garden grants" provide students access to fresh produce, establish a better understanding of where food comes from and bridge the connection between a healthy planet with a healthy body. The schools selected include Ke Kula ‘O Samuel M. Kamakau (Kane‘ohe), Kainalu Elementary (Kailua), Makaha Elementary (Makaha), and Waikiki Elementary (Honolulu) and on Maui -- Kihei Elementary (Kihei) and Kihei Charter School (Kihei).

The Whole Kids Foundation is extending $2 million in grants to more than 1,000 schools and garden-related nonprofits throughout the U.S. to support a broad range of projects from raised-bed garden construction, vertical gardens, composting and rainwater collection projects, to larger-scale expansions in schools. So when you visit Whole Foods and gaze in awe at the quality of their freshly foods and baked goods, organic vegetables, health products, and drinks but hesitate upon seeing the prices -- remember that even though they're not a local retailer they're making efforts to contribute to bettering the next generation by encouraging greater "eco-literacy" in Hawaii's schools. Our goal should be to find a way to make good wholesome food more affordable and more accessible to everyone. Not just the privileged few. Hopefully, Whole Foods' garden projects will help educate our kids and raise our collective consciousness so we see more sustainable home, school, and community gardens in the near future.

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Girls Only!

July 20th, 2012

Girls Only!

Many readers may know Dr Laurie Steelsmith from her well known book on Women's Health. A natural medicine guru to many local and national clients, Dr Laurie will premiere her new book, Great Sex Naturally - Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine" at a sold out event at the Halekulani Hotel. The book promises to provide a well spring of new energy to a subject of interest and to all females of age. For video with Dr. Laurie Steelsmith visit Life is good!

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