Occupy Honolulu

December 15th, 2011

Occupy Honolulu

We understand Occupy Honolulu recently targeted the Hyatt Regency in an anti-corporate protest for their HR policies and their ownership by Goldman Sachs and the Pritzer family, an example the group targets as having a "1%" status. When asked to be interviewed one on one the Occupy Honolulu members at Thomas Square refused. When asked if we could snap some photos they refused. And when asked, the fellow manning the "booth" outside the enclave of about 30 people camped out in tents, agreed that the signage posted near a petition sign up sheet, "save the homeless", was erroneous and had little to do with Occupy Honolulu's focus. If you're wondering what's inside those tents presently pitched at the corner of Ward and Beretania streets here's the best we could provide.




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4 Responses to “Occupy Honolulu”

  1. Po'ke man.:

    Return of the Hippies.

  2. wayne:

    I passed by there several times..especially in the evening...do you know if they have a gas driven generator or is the power of some lights that I seen inside the tent..is the source of this coming thru extension cords fed thru Thomas Square's utility outlets, which is a PUBLIC park?? Taxpayers $$$ going to this "Occupy" group... I can see my $$$ going to Craft fairs, Dog shows and the Pow Wow....but this? auwe!

  3. PacificNetwork.tv:

    Didn't see but they're organized as goes a camp site. Laundry, bedding hung out during the day, kitchen and library areas.

  4. JOhnny:

    Looks messy to me. Crazy and no direction.