Update on Pet Scandal

December 13th, 2011

Update on Pet Scandal


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As per the Hawaii Humane Society, the woman who owns the Waimanalo property where 150 dogs were found in extremely abused condition, seized earlier this year and sheltered by the Humane Society, has opened a new pet shop called Aloha Pet Shop in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

Sheryl Luke-Kalani is the registered manager of Aloha Pet Shop and the daughter of Vernon Luke, who is cited as vice president and treasurer of Bradley International according to state business records -- the company that pleaded no-contest to 153 counts of animal cruelty on 12 December. Luke-Kalani is also the property owner of record on the 41-761 Mahailua Street home in Waimanalo, where the Hawaiian Humane Society seized 150 dogs, many of them pregnant, claiming they were neglected and abused.

One worker said the store gets puppies from all over the island. State records show Luke-Kalani owned a pet shop called The Pet Spot at Pearl Highlands. The store closed and Luke-Kalani then opened Aloha Pet Shop. Pubrecords also indicate that there were seven complaints filed against Pet Stop dating back to January, 2008.

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2 Responses to “Update on Pet Scandal”

  1. Sacha:

    I know for a fact these dogs could have Parvo as well. I visit a Vet Clinic on the Leeward side and they said that when new dog owners purchased puppies from "Sheryl Luke-Kalani" at the Pet Spot at Highlands, the dogs were brought in with Parvo. I hate this lady and what she's doing. She's only about money and shame on the folks that work there too.

  2. Sharmane:

    No customer service, doggies living in pee and doo doo. Workers don't care (well maybe on their commission) and texting or talking to each other.

    To me moving location doesn't mean change. It's just re-locating the cancer.

    Bad place..feel so sorry for the animals but please don't shop at Aloha Pet Shop (same folks who owned The Pet Spot at Pearl Highlands). Buying a puppy their shows them that their is money to be made in selling their puppies and increases the breeding business.

    Happy Holidays and the puppies and all the animals are always in our prayers.