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The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit

September 30th, 2011

The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit
I'm looking forward to screening this film at HPU today and welcome all students and faculty to join us courtesy of Asst Prof. of English, Tyler McMahon. Q&A after the screening. Pacific Network now provides video on demand if you'd like to watch this film. Enjoy!

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Waterman League at Sunset

September 27th, 2011

Waterman League at Sunset
Thanks to Tristan Boxford who organized and created the Waterman League, producer of events hosted at some of the most incredible beaches on the planet, bringing big surf Stand Up Paddling to the world. The Waterman League can also be seen on Shaka Shakedown, a new series airing on Pacific Network and Sundays at 4p and 10p on KFVE. Watch and be amazed at how these athletes navigate Sunset Beach.

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Crazy Taxidermy

September 26th, 2011

Crazy Taxidermy
Another video tip from my sister, Bonni, who was just here to judge the Cinema Italiano 2011, and if you did not see Questione di Quore (Matters of the Heart) and Benvenuti al Sud (Welcome to the South), a wonderful adaptation of a french mega box office hit, you missed two wonderful films. This film festival is a must for next year. Anyway my sisters and I share the same quirky sense of humor and love of the... unusual and bizarre. But not scary kine. So for those of you who will cringe at this one remember in those days it was not yet politically incorrect to stuff and display dead animals in this manner although I did enjoy the Steve Carrell film, "Dinner with Schmucks", yet another adaptation from a french film, where his character creates little tableau of mice in all kinds of adorable costumes. Life is Good!... but maybe not so good for rodents who get stuffed.

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Herman Melville on Paniolo?

September 24th, 2011

Herman Melville on Paniolo?

Big mahalo to former longtime Makaha resident - author-columnist- film critic, Ed Rampell, now residing in L.A.  Ed stumbled upon this quote in Melville's Omoo while researching an article on the 160th anniversary of Moby Dick.  I've paired it with an excerpt from my film Paniolo O Hawaii - Cowboys of the Far West.

"To these inland valleys, and the adjoining hillsides, which are clothed in the most luxuriant vegetation, Vancouver's bullocks soon wandered; and unmolested for a long period, multiplied in vast herds. Some twelve or fifteen years ago, the natives lost sight of their superstitions, and learning the value of the hides in commerce, began hunting the creatures that wore them; but being very fearful and awkward in a business so novel, their success was small; and it was not until the arrival of a party of Spanish hunters, men regularly trained to their calling upon the plains of California, that the work of slaughter was fairly begun.

The Spaniards were showy fellows, tricked out in gay blankets, leggings worked with porcupine quills, and jingling spurs. Mounted upon trained Indian mares, these heroes pursued their prey up to the very base of the burning mountains; making the profoundest solitudes ring with their shouts, and flinging the lasso under the very nose of the vixen goddess Pelee. Hilo, a village upon the coast, was their place of resort; and thither flocked roving whites from all the islands of the group. As pupils of the dashing Spaniards, many of these dissipated fellows, quaffing too freely of the stirrup-cup, and riding headlong after the herds, when they reeled in the saddle, were unhorsed and killed.

This was about the year 1835, when the present king, Tammahamaha III., was a lad. With royal impudence laying claim to the sole property of the cattle, he was delighted with the idea of receiving one of every two silver dollars paid down for their hides; so, with no thought for the future, the work of extermination went madly on. In three years' time, eighteen thousand bullocks were slain, almost entirely upon the single island of Hawaii. The herds being thus nearly destroyed, the sagacious young prince imposed a rigorous "taboo" upon the few surviving cattle, which was to remain in force for ten years. During this period—not yet expired—all hunting is forbidden, unless directly authorized by the king. The massacre of the cattle extended to the hapless goats. In one year, three thousand of their skins were sold to the merchants of Honolulu, fetching a quartila, or a shilling sterling apiece."

Join the conversation at Stay tuned. New website launching soon... enjoy!

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Cinema Italiano Gala Tonight

September 22nd, 2011

Cinema Italiano Gala Tonight

Cinema Italiano Hawaii 2011 is here!

The 8th annual event starts tonight Thursday, September 22, 2011 at the Kahala Mall Theaters, and continues through Sunday, September 25.

Six diverse Italian films and four provoking Slow Food short films have been selected to bring Italian reality, drama, comedy and romance to Hawai`i movie goers!  There are multiple screenings of all the films (with English subtitles).  All films are Hawaii premieres courtesy of Cinema Italiano in Hawai`i whose mission is to share Italian culture through film and to sponsored lectures and an annual scholarship to an Academy of Creative Media student at University of Hawai`i’s film school.

Celebrity jurors include bilingual Italian/US writer, director, Franco Amurri joining us from Rome (mentored by Federico Fellini);  Neal Israel (Oscar nominated executive producer of Never Never Land);  Hawai’i producer and former President of Geffen Pictures, former Vice President of Warner Bros Studios, Pres of Robert Redford's company, Wildwood, Bonni Lee; award winning Hawai’i filmmaker, producer and composer, Edgy Lee; and MidWeek Publisher and Senior Vice President MidWeek & Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Midweek columnist and writer of What’s Next, Ron Nagasawa.

The Master of Ceremonies for the Opening Night Reception is Rick Blangiardi, General Manager of Hawaii Now. Opening Night Gala will be held at the Kahala Mall Roof Top on 22 September, with celebrity jurors in attendance. Announcement of the winning film will be made. Be there pronto!

Cinema Italiano in Hawai’i 2011 features films (produced 2008-2010) by well known and emerging filmmakers.  They explore a wide variety of topics.  The event is a four day "cinematic trip to Italy". Many thanks to the Kahala Hotel & Resort and Kahala Mall for their continued sponsorship and  support for the 2011 Cinema Italiano in Hawaii.

Tickets are available via or at the Kahala Theater Box office at Kahala Mall. Call Cinema Italiano in Hawai’i HOTLINE: 861-9945 or contact:

General Admission                                                $10.25
Matinee (shows before 4pm)                                $8.00
Child (3-11)                                                               $7.50
Senior                                                                         $7.50
Military with valid ID.                                              $7.50
Student with valid ID. Monday – Thursday         $7.50

2011 Annual Cinema Italiano Film Festival in Hawai’i Events:

September 18    Farmer’s Market at Kahala Mall, "EAT LOCAL Italian Style" and “Slow Food.” Slow Food is the alternative…rediscover the rich varieties and aromas of locally grown food and cuisine…

September 22    Opening Night Reception, 5:30-8:00 at Kahala Mall Roof Top, upper level parking, under the stars.  Public is Invited.  VIPs, celebrity jurors and special guests in attendance. Attendees enjoy Italian food and beverage from Baci Bistro, Café Sistina, Che Pasta,  Hokum’s, Kevin Two Boots, La Elaterid, Martini & Rossi, Mediterranean, One, Pepsi, Peroni, Pua Ono Salade, Roberto Pizza Party, Sabrina’s, SALT Kitchen and Wine Tasting Bar,  The Hawaiian Chef, The Olive Tree Café and Waiwera, R.Fields and Waialua Soda Works.  Guest performance by the Hawai’i Opera Theater.
The $45 reception cost includes the evening’s opening night comedy film, “Welcome to the South.”  There is also a special presentation ceremony before the screening begins.  Attire is cocktail.  Tickets can be purchased at selected stores at Kahala Mall (Adore, Magnolia, SoHa Living, Therapy) or by sending a check payable to Cinema Italiano in Hawai’i, 1330 Ala Moana Suite 3202, Honolulu, Hawai’i 96814 or call Cinema Italiano in Hawai’i HOTLINE: 861-9945 or contact:

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