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August 31st, 2011


For all my fellow baby boomers you'll especially appreciate these ads. Some are before your time, others will bring back some childhood memories. But whenever you start to wax on nostalgically looking to the past and lamenting that "life was so much... slower, more meaningful?" think twice.  With the advent of some great science and technology we've improved life on planet earth. Now all we've got to do is to figure out how to sustain it... with care and sensitivity to other generations to come.  Enjoy! We're premiering a special on nostalgia coming soon on

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Case of the Sour Note

August 26th, 2011

Local Justice - Case of the Sour Note

Aloha!  This week's LOCAL JUSTICE case:

Two old friends and well known Honolulu musicians get into a bad disagreement over a gig. Musician #1 (Defendant) books the job, hires Musician #2 (Plaintiff) to perform at a baby luau.  Half hour before they go on Defendant doesn't see his man. Thinks Plaintiff spaced out and so he calls Musician #3 to fill in.  Just before they're set to play both Musicians #2 and #3 show up.  So they all do the gig together.  Plaintiff is paid one third the fee instead of half since they now split the fee three ways. Well he's not happy so he makes a claim against the Defendant for the balance of a fee that he says was promised him.  You are the Jury.  You decide who prevails. Watch the show on Sundays KFVE 6:30pm and vote at .  Become eligible for a trip to Las Vegas (air, hotel, meals, ground) for two people, 5 nights! And other prizes that are given away every month to Local Justice voters.

Join Judge Boyd P. Mossman (ret.) and Frank B. Shaner and participate in America's first interactive courtroom TV show produced from Hawaii! You can also watch 24-7 from anywhere USA. on Pacific Network. Enjoy!

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'Iolani Palace

August 20th, 2011

'Iolani Palace

King Kalakaua Portrait (sml file)

Queen Liliuokalani Portrait (sml file)

When is the last time (or have you ever visited) one of Hawaii's greatest treasures, the formal residence of Hawaii's monarchs, 'Iolani Palace?  The other day we were filming an episode of More Local Ventures (KFVE 6p Sundays) that will feature what was once the only official state residence of royalty in the United States. Mahalo to Kippen de Alba Chu, Exec Director; Rici Guild, Zita Cup Choy, Docent Educator, Lance Rae from Limtiaco Co. for accessing our crew and making the experience very special. So special that I'd like to post a series of blogs on 'Iolani Palace because one mention does not do it justice.  The palace has been meticulously restored to its former grandeur. Step quietly into this National Historic Landmark just minutes from Waikiki and you're transported instantly back to the 19th century and into the halls where Majesties, King Kalākaua and his sister and successor, Queen Lili‘uokalani, walked in another time.

Iolani Palace Grand Staircase

Did you know... the palace was completed in 1882, its cornerstone laid according to full Masonic rites on December 31, 1879 (exact location has never been found), and that in 1887 electricity was installed superseding use of electricity at the White House (1891) by four years?  'Iolani Palace combines features found in Italianate and Second Empire architectural designs on four floors with a total of 105 rooms. Telephones were installed in 1881, only five years after they were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

image015Place Setting by Milroy McAleer

The Palace just had a major room reveal this past spring.  The Music Room – known as the Gold Room –is the first room in twenty years to be completely restored and recreated -- reflecting the devotion to finding lost artifacts and efforts to continue restoration of the landmark are on going. During the reign of King Kalākaua and later Queen Lili‘uokalani, the music room functioned as the Monarch’s private drawing room.  Like other members of the royal family, Kalākaua and his sister Lili‘uokalani were accomplished composers and musicians. This was an intimate space for family and friends to converse and to play music on stringed instruments. Kalakaua’s favorite instrument was the ‘ukulele, while Lili‘uokalani’s favorite was the autoharp.  Between them, they produced many beautiful songs that are still performed today.  Trained in both Hawaiian and European musical traditions, they appreciated a wide range of musicals genres.  The newly restored Music Room is a visual reminder of how important music was to Palace life and Hawai‘i’s sovereigns. Make time to visit 'Iolani Palace. It is a reminder to all that the Kingdom of Hawaii was as robust as any other monarchy of its time.

Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9a - 5p.  For more info visit

Stay tuned.  We'll broadcast this special film tribute to 'Iolani Palace within the next few months.

Photos courtesy of 'Iolani Palace archives All Rights Reserved

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Living in a TiPi

August 19th, 2011

Living in a TiPi

Enjoy this video courtesy of Tony Miguel who captures many of Pacific Network's green stories.  Tony's an environmentalist. His carbon footprint is nearly non existent. He rides a bicycle, catches the bus when he needs to get to distant film shoots, and now he's living in a TiPi for the next 30 days.  We asked him to document part of the process. Mahalo Tony. Life is Good,

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Dragon Boat Races

August 18th, 2011

Dragon Boat Races

The Dragon Boat Festival has become a summer tradition and one of Honolulu's most popular events.
If you missed it this year, plan on attending this annual event that is great for the whole family. Teams of 16 paddlers, a drummer, flag catcher and steersman represent each boat. There are no entry fees thanks to donations and non profit support. Hong Kong's annual event hosts more than 4000 spectators who watch the event -- part spectacle and part competition. Not sure what the cultural significance is of the dragon boat design but anyone out there know? If so please chime in. Enjoy!

For more video visit

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