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Opala In Paradise - Hawaii
July 30th, 2011

Opala In Paradise - Hawaii Ocean View Estates

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Meet 70 of your best friends. These are folks who live on the Big Island and today marked another day that these citizens (just like you and me) came together to voluntarily clean up illegal dump sites. Remember that film "Network" and its main character, newscaster Howard Beale? "All I know is, you've got to get mad. You've got to say, "I'm a human being, goddamn it. My life has value."... I'm tired of it and I'm not going to take it any more!

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Well these folks aren't going to take it any more. They got off their duffs, some even with kids in tow, to clean 9 sites of approximately 62 tons of rubbish and scrap metal, 16 cars, 60 tires, countless loads of plastic, aluminum, household and industrial waste and trash. The organization is Keep Hawaii Beautiful, inspired by Starsha Young and a cadre of incredibly great people who devote their time to clean up of Hawaii Island trash." Opala in Paradise is the Facebook group that brings folks together. So if you're interested in joining them that's where you can find the 411. Mahalo to the County of Hawaii for funding support; Starsha Young, Damon Tucker, Ed Miner, Tiffany Edwards Hunt, Kevin Dayton of the Mayor's Office, and so many others. Big mahalo to all the local Big Island businesses, groups and agencies that were there this morning getting their hands dirty: the Office of the County Prosecuting Attorney, Hawaii Police Department, Office of the Mayor, Prevent Illegal Dumping Task Force, Goodfellow Brothers Inc., Pacific Waste Inc., Superior Sanitation, Ocean View Auto Parts, Big Island Scrap Metal, Junk Yard Dog Towing, Arrow Hawaiian, Precision Construction, The Opala in Paradise Facebook Group, Kolohe Auto Repair and Big Island Gear. If you're interested in joining them visit:

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Life is Good... but it's better when we malama this beautiful land that in turn, will nourish the body and spirit. Video coming soon to

If you're interested in starting a similar movement here on Oahu or you know of clean ups that need support and man power, please contact us at

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2 Responses to “Opala In Paradise - Hawaii”

  1. Keoni:

    Great Story about cleaning up all da "Opala" 😉 ...

    But there's more than just the "Visual "Opala" you've depicted here. I have a story about "Opala" in the HPD. A particularly "Dirty" Sgt./Officer who I believe is sworn in to protect and serve, yet is harassing an elderly couple in their mid 70's over a will she believes should have gone to family! In her lawsuit, there is an over-whelming abundance of lies... yet in the very first page it reads "Under purjery of law....". Of all people I always thought a Police Officer is here to "Protect and Serve" the people of their jursdiction/county/state, etc. ... To enforce the law and NOT "Break It" !!! ... or Am I wrong? ...

    Who can I contact to tell this story to? Depositions are going on now! The Will is "Solid", yet because this Sgt. @ HPD feels the will/estsate should have gone to "Family" she is suing this poor elderly couple who were friends and neighbors since "Small Kid Time" !!!! ... Un be knownst to the the elderly couple who is named in the will, their neighbor just before he died willed his entire estate to them for being there and helping him, as his wife just past away a few months eariler!

    It's truly sad that this "Officer of the LAW" is intimidating and harassing this poor couple in their mid-70's! ... Could this not be considered elder abuse? Lying along the way is terrible, SO Untrue and Unfair! Just because she's a Sgt. in HPD she thinks she can get away with this Harassment and Intimidation tactics! ... I SURE HOPE NOT!!!

    She shows up at the depositions in full uniform, attempting to record the depostion when there's a Court Reporter recording everything. The couple's lawyer objected, and was told by the officer and her lawyers she was allowed to record. The couples lawyer then called a judge who stated the recorder was not allowed and permissible, so the officer took out he batteries from the recorder...

    I don't know who I can discuss this with to expose this officer, for I in my heart of hearts, that this is SO NOT RIGHT on SO MANY levels!!! How can we trust some of these HPD officers to "Protect and Serve"? ... when they are committing crimes themselves!!! It's absurd!!! ... not to mention "Illegal" !!! ...

    Can someone PLEASE help me to help this couple??? I can be contacted at my email address:

    I'd like to remain anonymous for now, if at all possible... I don't want to make it worse on them and what they're going through! ;-( ...

    Hope to hear from someone SOON! Mahalo Nui Loa!!!!


    Maybe someone reading might have professional legal advice but I would think that if the will is legitimate they should prevail. As for intimidation by an officer of the law? There may be one bad apple in the barrel... in every profession. You just don't expect to encounter someone unethical in a position of such trust. After what we're witnessing on Wall Street, in Congress, and in religious leadership I think we just have to remain positive in thought and action. History shows us that ultimately and eventually the bad guys get what they deserve.