Local Justice - Vote!

June 30th, 2011

Local Justice - Vote!  You are the Jury

Local Justice. America's first interactive TV courtroom drama starring Maui (ret.) Judge Boyd P. Mossman and radio personality Frank B. Shaner, with local plaintiffs and defendants.  KFVE Sundays 6:30p and on PacificNetwork.tv 24/7.  Real people. Real local.

Each episode features cases heard in the historical Ali'iolani Hale. Judge Boyd P. Mossman rules on all but one case each week. That case is decided upon by the public who votes for either the Plaintiff or the Defendant -- on line at www.LocalJustice.tv.

Tell all your friends and family  living away from home that they can watch Local Justice at any time from anywhere in the world and they can participate in voting!  http://www.LocalJustice.tv

Results are announced in the following episode and at http://www.LocalJustice.tv.   Everyone who votes becomes eligible to win prizes.

This Sunday's pilot episode is a re-telecast of the show for anyone who  a/ missed it   b/couldn't decide how to vote  c/could not get over the fact that this is a real show

Sunday's episode gives viewers a glimpse of various cases... two old friends argue over a bum repair in The Case of the Mangle Muffler.  Neighbors come to court to argue The Case of the Fried Chicken. Sisters argue over a missing cat, and best friends stop speaking over a bum haircut... There's more.  This week viewers vote on The Case of the Sunken Surfboard and can tip the balance of voting now teetering in favor of the Defendant.  But there are 5 days to go. So log in and vote to become eligible for great prizes. Tune in, watch, and vote because... You are the Jury!

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8 Responses to “Local Justice - Vote!”

  1. ssmith:

    tHE LOCAL mAFIA BEEN CAUSING TROUBLE TO ME MAY BE THEY HAVE TO PROVE HOW STRONG THEY ARE. OR I HATE THEIR DRUG DEALERS OR TO COVER UP THEIR YOUNGER ONE MAFIA BUSINESS any one with information should see to arrest of mafia for the good of Hawaii they don't pay tax all they care is power and for their self

  2. Manulele:

    I agree with the Honorable Judge that the "Buyer Beware" claus should stand and the deal that was made between the Defendant & Plaintiff should remain as a legal contract.

  3. David:

    Will we see more important serious cases ?

  4. Manulele Clarke:

    PS Many Hawaiian families have sold their lands to foreigners that knew the true inflated values of Hawaii real estate. Obscene sales, for a 100 years have left tha Hawaiian population stranded and homeless. Nevertheless, it is a kind of justice, to see a Hawaiian for once, know the value of this Niihau treasure where the foreigner did not. The exchange was complete with the acceptance of both parties. Therefore, please rule in favor of the brudda. The surfboard damage is sufficient enough to have been noticed by the seller of the necklace before the exchange. Surfer or no surfer, he is not blind. I think this new comer to Hawaii is trying to renig on his deal because of his own neglegence and arrogance.

  5. PacificNetwork.tv:

    Aloha Manulele. Mahalo for your comment. It looks like the public "jury" agrees with you and has voted in favor of the Defendant in the "Case of the Sunken Surfboard". But voting doesn't close out for another 24 hours. Results are posted in next week's show which has one case Judge Mossman selects to be sent to the public "jury". Everyone who votes is eligible for prizes and those winners are announced during the season on PacificNetwork.tv. Thanks for watching a local show produced in Hawaii.

  6. PacificNetwork.tv:

    Well depends on what you mean by "serious". Cases are like small claims and not a lot in terms of money. But the emotions that fly around that courtroom are pretty serious. Too many family members, old friends, neighbors -- in disputes. If Local Justice can help send a message out that a dispute can be resolved amicably, more Hawaiian style, then we're bringing something quite different to TV entertainment! Keep watching and vote please, this show is made in Hawaii and it's the first of its kind. it's going to work only if the public participates.
    Vote at http://www.LocalJustice.tv

  7. MightyMakiki:

    Good fun Chow Fun

  8. PacificNetwork.tv:

    Wun Hung By Jury