Local Justice - Have you heard?

June 25th, 2011

Local Justice- America's 1st

Local Justice . America's first interactive TV courtroom drama starring Maui (ret.) Judge Boyd P. Mossman and radio personality Frank B. Shaner, with local plaintiffs and defendants. Real people. Real local.

Each episode features cases heard in the historical Ali'iolani Hale by Honorable Judge Boyd P. Mossman. Judge Mossman rules on all but one case each week. That case is decided upon by the public who votes for either the Plaintiff or the Defendant by voting on line at www.LocalJustice.tv.

Results are announced in the following episode and on line at LocalJustice.tv and at KFVE. Everyone who votes becomes eligible to win an array of prizes.

This Sunday's pilot episode is a re-telecast of the show for everyone who  a/ missed it   b/could not get over the fact that this is a real show  c/didn't decide on who to vote for.

Hosted by Frank B. Shaner (KUMU 94.7) who is brilliant in his ability to interview Local Justice participants outside the courtroom after they've just slammed each other in the court room.  Not to mention Brandi Lee is Local Justice's lead bailiff, it's quite a crew.  Sunday's show also gives viewers a glimpse of various cases... two old friends argue over a bum repair in The Case of the Mangle Muffler. Neighbors come to court to argue The Case of the Fried Chicken, sisters sue each other over a missing cat, and so much more. This week viewers will vote on The Case of the Banged Up Surfboard. Everyone who votes becomes eligible for prizes. Great prizes. Tune in, watch, and vote because You are the Jury!

Sunday at 6:30 on KFVE or watch the series online at www.LocalJustice.tv. Tell all your friends and family  living away from home that they can watch Local Justice at any time from anywhere in the world and they can participate in voting! Local Justice. Real people. Real local. http://www.LocalJustice.tv

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4 Responses to “Local Justice - Have you heard?”

  1. kim iannetta:

    sounds choice!

  2. ssmith:

    Wish we can make real story about Hawaii Mafia and their crime life. too many people are hurt by drugs. #1 export is grass. we need to be like New-York ask the people to turn in Mafia yes they are still active. and the cover up is good. but people do have information (to) share with fed. or people let's arrest the mafia so they won't hurt people have your love one hurt by drugs or crime problem. help them by arresting mafia in Hawaii big cove younger mafia

  3. nathan:

    yay! now I got something to look forward to watching on my boring yet relaxing sundays :)

  4. business review:

    ...Due to an act of vandalism I recently had to appear in local Justice Court to receive justice and financial restitution. One session when a local celebrity entered the court for her time to be heard the courtroom rumbled with oohs and ahs.