Great Commercial

March 29th, 2011

Great Commercial

I ran across a few incredible commercials and here is one of them. Often times it's easier to produce what we call long form video versus a 60 second commercial spot. This is such a wonderful message told in just three minutes.  Average age of the actors: 81 years old. From a producer's point of view we applaud TC Bank who is, to some advertising agency, a client who agreed to spend a good amount on a video this creative, this out of the box, and we hope they see their investment returned. By having produced what we call a mini-editorial we're sharing it with you and doing so willingly. Even though it's a commercial message you'll notice there's only one graphic mention of the client in the ad and only at the end. Given what's happened in Japan, war in Libya, the economic downturn and just the general stress of living in our contemporary world this little story seems timely.

Life is Good.  For more video visit

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  1. Moke Young:

    Aloha Edgy,

    Nice one! Live each day to it's fullest no matter what.

    Even when we are struggling here, life is pretty damn good!

    If every person would look in their garages of closets, they will find so many items of worth & after awhile you fail to even realize the abundance.

    I like the example stating that it's sometimes better to get out, about & active with loads of vigor & confidence rather than pondering & in a downward slump.

    Have an awesome week. Mahalo's for another fine post!

    Malama Pono,

    Moke Young

  2. WM Matsuura:


    A slice of life no less. Their quest I found inspiring and their memories poignant. Got to work harder now to
    find meaningful content but its out there like precious gems.

    Mahalo for the ride.

    WM Matsuura

  3. Mr. B:


  4. Derek Nakamoto:

    Powerful human interest story here, I got the story at times without even having to read the sub-titles. It really draws at the heart strings about even in the most challenging of situations (age, health ect.) one can rise and meet it head on ... interesting the power and importance of friendships, loved the flashback to the old photo's ... these guys go WAY BACK and reminded me of valuing those relationships!

    What I thought was interesting was the Client was never mentioned AT ALL thru the commercial till subtly at the very end. Powerful! It's like they took a back seat to the human story and yet subtly left me with a strong impression that they are a important component in either supporting or making this scenario possible.

    Wow, what a "egoless" commercial that really resonated. Gives one the feeling of a Bank with a heart!


    thanks for your comment. would you become a depositor based on what you see in this video? I'm curious because we are doing similar work for advertisers who are open to a 21st century "new media" approach vs the traditional 30 sec commercial spot or the half page advertisement. But the question is does this actually generate business for the sponsor / advertiser? For me I find this very effective.


    I couldn't help thinking of my own father. This made me hope that he's taken that last long ride before he's ready to go.

  7. Dr. William Kim:

    Edgy - Great piece of work here...My sister Willyce Kim sent this gem to me via Carmel.... Yes this is me in another 20 to ride...ride to live....aloha


    Aloha Dr Kim. Wishing you the best when you're rolling down PCH or around the islands!