Elton John! Maui 2011

February 28th, 2011

Elton John! Maui 2011

Tom Moffatt presented Elton John and his band for the first time on May 1, 1971 at the Arena. (Uncle Tom you are the best!) 40 years later he brought Elton John back along with original band members from 1971, Davey Johnstone on guitar and Nigel Olsson on drums with Bob Birch on bass, John Mahon on percussion and Kim Bullard on keyboards.  If you attended let us know!

Photos by Michi Moore   Courtesy of Pacific Network c 2011   For more visit new photo page on PacificNetwork.tv 28 February 2011







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2 Responses to “Elton John! Maui 2011”

  1. Moke Young:

    Aloha e Hawai'i,

    A pleasant surprise to see Elton John here this morning since his music artistry has been a big part of my life growing up & even named one of my daughter's after his tune entitled "Nikita" that's inspiring today in the literal sense as my daughter Nikita Kaleiokalani turns 22 today.

    Like many other great artists, their impact is enormous bring so much joy & inspiration especially during tough times & Elton John's music came at the right time for so many.

    I've always admired the professionalism of Elton John & his masterful entertainment skills on the piano & his singing voice I used to practice mimmicking all of the time. Like Stevie Wonder, he has so many hit tunes under his belt that separates him from so many & definitely in the upper tier of famed artists worldwide.

    Tom Moffat has done so much for the Hawai'i music scene & feel this is a good place to say thank you because for me, attending big music shows he produced was a common thing for my friends and I scraping up the necessary funds for entry & spirits making it an awesome hobby yet what we did'nt know then was the fact that all of this good vibe molded us in so many ways.

    "Music is the lanaguage of the heart & soul!"

    Today, I see music as a key to the healing of so many souls that can use a daily boost & if you're a musician, I hope that you can perform in and out of your circle with every opportunity knowing that our communities relish so much from wholesome music & if you can add a huge dose of cheer, good food & beverages, the healing factor is compounded drammatically.

    Mahalo's for yet another great post bringing light while showcasing the works of a pioneering artist & one who's influenced so many.

    Malama Pono. Malama Kou Kino,

    Moke Young

  2. PacificNetwork.tv:

    Totally agree with you Moke.