Civil Unions Legal In Hawaii

February 24th, 2011

Hawaii State Senate Approves Civil Unions (SB 232)

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie and constituents at formal signing of bill 232

Congratulations! All same sex couples and families who have been waiting for this vote with the passing of SB 232 (19 - 6 vote).

The bill provides that the equal rights and responsibilities (and rights) of married couples in Hawaii be available to thousands of same-sex couples in the state.  The Senate sends a strong message. The time is now to lay this issue to rest. Great move for Hawaii tourism at a crucial time in world economy.

Monday we launch our new with greater interactivity and video on demand features.  We'll stream more video on this historic event and we look forward to your comments! Mahalo

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9 Responses to “Civil Unions Legal In Hawaii”

  1. Aaron:

    It seems that every liberal, narrow-minded, godless Satanist, I use the term losely and liberally, is out to make sure that God is on his way and that Hawaii along with the rest of the nation is destroyed.
    I wonder what people would say about letting known pedophiles run rampant through nursery wards or occupying teaching positions in the school systems. I wonder what people would do if they knew that homicidal schizophrenics were being given clean bills of health or known murderers were being set free from the penal system and let loose upon the general populace.
    The same atrocities that I just described are being perpetuated upon the public without their consent. I refer to these two sycophants: Governor Abercrombie and President Obama.
    These two individuals are trying to destablize and demolish the Christian faith and, as such, are trying to facilitate that everything is permissible.
    The definition of marriage is the joining of two individuals, man and woman, into a public union with one another with the express purpose of procreation. Marriage is between man and woman; not man and man nor is marriage between a woman and woman seeing as in both instances neither couple can procreate.
    Wasn't it obvious that on the same day this bill was passed that God was angry. Every Hawaiin island had lightning and thunderstorms occuring on them the same evening that Bill 232 was passed. No rain, just THUNDER AND LIGHTNING.
    Isn't it obvious that by repealing the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy will be detrimental to the stability of The Armed Forces of the United States. But lets let that muslim, (President Obama, a purported homosexua (homosexual refers to both faggots and lesbians alike), and definitely gopher and all-around nancyboy for former President Bush) run and destroy our country and states along with Governor Abercrombie.
    Please form a petition to repeal Bill 232 allowing homosexuals to have equal marital benefits as heterosexual couples. Homosexuals cannot be co-joined for purposes of precreation and replenishing the population but only wallow in their own deviant and depraved confines.
    Governor Abercrombie and President Obama, you should be ashamed of yourselves and ask God for forgiveness. I take pity upon your souls, maybe mine also, and truly hope you both will repent of your evil ways and decisions. Well, if he doesn't, I might get the same punishment, I'm gonna laugh and feel justified somewhat at both your outcomes.


    A Christian Soldier in Iraq

  2. Kawika:

    Thunder, Lightning, Earth Quake!
    Coincidence or Gods response to the signing of The Civil Liberties Bill?
    Brothers and Sisters God loves you as much as He loves me. I am a sinner as much as anyone. I don’t agree to this Bill because of what God says about it. I cannot Judge or condemn anyone without showing off the log in my eye. I just want to publicly share that there is a God, He is real and the One and only God, loves all of you. May God bless you with His wisdom and Love!

  3. flynhyn:

    Just to clarify "Christian" soldier in Iraq (last time I checked our Christian God was one of love and forgiveness, not one of anger and intollerance), do you also support laws that make it illegal for women over the age of 45 to get married? Should we enforce pre-wedding fertility tests to assure that the "express purpose of marriage" is carried out? I doubt it, you're just using procreation as an excuse for your bigotry. Furthermore, who purports Obama is a homosexual? I'm pretty sure no one. People CAN diagree with you and not be gay you realize. In any case, you are pathetic. You are at the same time a poor representative of Christianity AND the United States and what it stands for. Please return to the hole you crawled out from.

  4. Kai:

    In response to Aaron's post, funny I always believed it is the conservatives who are narrow minded.

    1) Your comment about what people would think about letting pedophiles run rampant... and homicidal schizophrenics...Surely you cannot be serious about equating these two groups to gays and lesbians. Pedophiles and "homocidal" schizophrenics commit crimes against the innocent. Gays and Lesbians are not committing any crime. So that point is moot. I know, I know you'll probably quote some biblical verse about how homosexuality is an abomination, blah, blah, blah. But, doesn't the bible also say "thou shalt not kill" and yet you a christian soldier go off to war to do just that? Don't get me wrong, what you are doing is admirable...defending our country. But thou shalt not kill, means thou shalt not kill, right?

    2) Marriage is for the purpose of procreation. There are thousands and thousands of married couples who do not have any children, either by choice or they are just unable to. Does this mean, they should not be allowed to marry because they cannot procreate? In this day and age, we are fortunate to have medical technology which allows for artificial insemination which provides a couple, gay and straight the opportunity to bring life into this world. Yes, yes gays and lesbian couples do have children this way.

    3) Lightning and Thunder - here's a news flash...those are occurrences which happens every so often in nature. Ok, but if it was some sign from God, isn't it funny that the lightning struck a church? I'm glad no one was hurt. But, if it is a sign of anger from God...perhaps God is angry at the christians who are being so judgmental on this subject.

    4) Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell - There are many gays and lesbians serving in Armed Forces. Whether you want to admit it or not it is a fact. Wouldn't you want to know...lest you get a "poke" in the middle of the night...LOL.

    It's really sad that Civil Unions is still such a divisive issue. Gays and lesbians just want the right to have their relationship acknowledged and afforded all the rights of a straight marriage. It's an issue about love and yet some people like you get so upset about it. I don't see you getting upset about domestic violence...isn't that against God's law?

    You obviously have some very strong feelings against gays and lesbians. Perhaps you should look deep into may be dealing with some latent feelings? I'm just saying...

    Although we disagree on this topic, I wish you well and hope you stay safe while you are away defending our country.

  5. Mr. B:

    Dear Christian Soldier in Iraq,

    First of all, THANK YOU for serving our country. I appreciate it.

    I really don't think bringing up "Christianity" into the discussion is relevant or helpful. Throughout history, Christians have been involved in henious atrocities. Does the term "Crusades" ring a bell?

    Instead of worrying about and debating whether "civil unions", "same sex marriage", or just the general topic of "homosexuality" is "right or wrong", why don't we focus our attention to the lazy people who are able bodied but who refuse to work? Instead these people live off of the system that both you and I work so hard to provide. They burden the health care system, they occupy and pollute our parks, streets, and beaches. It's to the point where I can't even take my kids to the public park because there are tents all over the place.

    If a homosexual couple are hard-working, law abiding citizens, and they contribute to society, then what's the big deal. It's the people (regardless if they are gay or not) who are lazy, refuse to work, break the law, and who TAKE from society who's the problem.

    Stay safe my brother!

  6. Mr. B:

    @Kawika - you are correct. It IS NOT YOUR job to judge or condemn, so why did you post your message in the first place? Just shut your mouth, concentrate on improving YOURSELF, and conducting YOUR life in a way that is pleasing to YOUR GOD, and leave the "judging" of homosexual relationships up to GOD!


    Here is some (dated albeit) information that might expand the general public's awareness of non-traditional family units in contemporary America.

    A Preliminary Analysis of 2000 United States Census Data A Human Rights Campaign Report August 22, 2001

    David M. Smith, Communications Director & Senior Strategist Human Rights Campaign
    Gary J. Gates, Ph.D. Population Studies Center The Urban Institute
    Human Rights Campaign 919 18th St., N.W., Ste. 800 Washington, D.C. 20006 phone: 202/628-4160 fax: 202/347-5323 web:

    The 2000 U.S. Census Bureau figures for same-sex unmarried partner households provide researchers and policy makers with a wealth of information about a pre- viously unrecognized constituency.
    These numbers provide policy makers at every level of government compelling arguments for why they need to take care of the policy needs of gay and lesbian families as they live in nearly every corner of every county in America. The notion that gay and lesbian people only live on the coasts in major urban areas has been dispelled by these U.S. Census Bureau statistics. The geographical diversity of where gay and lesbian families are living is striking. From big cities to small farming towns, from the deep South to the Pacific Northwest, gay and lesbian families are part of the American landscape. These figures will change the debate for many Americans — from an abstract controversy read about in newspapers or seen in noisy debates on television to a discussion about real families, real people and real lives.

    To date, the U.S. Census Bureau has only released counts of gay and lesbian coupled households, but as more information is released, we will be able to deter- mine the number of children living in these households, income, racial profile, home ownership and other important demographics. These facts will help us dispel stereotypes and present a fuller, more accurate picture of the gay and lesbian family in America.

    The U.S. Census Bureau has been releasing data throughout the summer on the basic composition of households in the United States. These data were collected from a 100 percent sample of the population and are designated by the Census Bureau as Summary File 1. The U.S. Census Bureau released these data in batches of states during June, July and August, with the final batch released on Aug. 22, 2001. From these data, it was possible to determine the numbers of households where the occupants described themselves as two people of the same sex whose relationship was defined as being “unmarried partners.” Also, if two people of the same sex described themselves as in a spousal (legally married) relationship, the U.S. Census Bureau re-categorized them as same-sex unmarried partners (two people of the same sex cannot be legally married). Thus, these data provide at least a superficial count of the number of gay or lesbian coupled households in the United States. Census 2000 counted 601,209 same-sex unmarried partner households in the United States. That is a 314 percent increase from 1990 when the census counted only 145,130 same-sex unmarried partner households.

    The U.S. Census Bureau maintains that the 1990 and 2000 censuses cannot be compared because of flaws in the way they classified such households in 1990. In that case, when same-sex partner households identified themselves as being legally married, the Census Bureau in most instances changed the gender of the spouse. Such households were therefore counted as a heterosexual married couple. In the 2000 count, such couples were reclassified as unmarried partners. In effect, the U.S. Census Bureau is saying it undercounted the 1990 same-sex unmarried partner households and that com- paring them to 2000 numbers would not be valid.

    While we presume the flaws in the 1990 reclassification would have some impact on the total percentage increase in same-sex unmarried partner households, it is our view that Census 2000 does in fact reflect an actual increase over the 1990 count. This is due largely to more couples being willing to identify themselves in a federal survey as a result of a more favorable political climate.

    It is our view that the 2000 numbers for same-sex unmarried partner households are a dramatic increase from 1990, but the total number still represents an undercount of the actual number of gay or lesbian cou- pled households in the country. Possible explanations for this include continued prejudice and discrimination against gay people. In addition, despite efforts by the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies, urging gay and lesbian cou- ples to fill out the census form accurately, the questionnaire might have been confusing to some. In addition, the questionnaire did not ask the actual sexual orientation... (for the entire report visit)

  8. Mr. B:

    Well, whether one is for or against civil unions, one thing cannot be denied.

    It was a wonderful week for all the Mahus in Hawaii!! Congratulations!

  9. kyle:

    yeah nice