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Michel's Welcomes Melka

December 31st, 2010

Michel's Welcomes Melka

"Where all five senses are romanced... soothing jazz, lapping waves, first class service, great wines and cuisine by Chef Hardy".  Since 1962, Michel's remains one of Hawaii's finest restaurants celebrating the rebirth of classical French cuisine. Phillip Shaw and his tuxedo-clad team of professionals manage to transport diners lucky enough to experience this unique atmosphere and culinary experience, to a world one imagines when envisioning haute cuisine meets contemporary Hawaii, on the beach at Waikiki. Last night this happened in a very big way.  Michel's At the Colony Surf  hosted one of the world's most respected winemakers, Phillipe Melka, and his partner - wife, Cheri, courtesy of HASR Wine Company. And who is HASR?  "Highly Allocated Spoiled Rotten" located downtown Chinatown in that quaint little courtyard on Pauahi St.  where owners Mike and Terry feature select California wines in their uber friendly-unpretentious-but-serious-about-our-wine retail wine shop.  It is a joy to see Honolulu businesses coming together to create a "hui" and a very unique metro experience that remains uniquely Hawaiian. Encore.

Reservations for Michel's At the Colony Surf 808.923.6552. Discover HASR. Call for events & hours 808535.9463. Life is Good. Dine out. Support local business.

(Photo: Robert Kiyosaki, Becky Woodland, Chuck Crumpton, Phillip Shaw, Sheri, Terry;  Photo: Terry, Cherie Melka, Phillipe Melka, Wes Gentle, Patti Milburn, Amber Gentle; Photo: Frank B. Shaner, Phillipe Melka; Photo: Robert Kiyosaki, Michele Moore, Kim Kiyosaki) Photos by Michi for Pacific Network c2010)

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Hawaii Sports Profiles - Kelly Majam

December 29th, 2010

[youtube ku_hA3ZDnxw nolink]

Hawaii Sports Profiles - Kelly Majam

If you wanted to create a role model for young people you'd paint a portrait of Kelly Majam. Mahalo to Kara Nishimura for this commentary. For more of the video story visit

University of Hawai`i All-American softball player Kelly Majam is an inspiration both on and off the field. The 2010 NCAA home-run queen who led the nation with 30 home runs as a red-shirt freshman, helped lead the Rainbow Wahine to their first ever appearance in the NCAA Women's College World Series. Majam had arguably one of the best seasons ever for any Hawai`i player, leading the team in several offensive and defensive categories. Off the field, Majam overcame a season-ending knee injury in 2009 to star for the 'Bows in 2010 and most recently, she has been battling thyroid cancer since August and has undergone surgery and radiation treatment all the while preparing for her sophomore season with the team in the fall.

Kara Nishimura,, UH Sports Assistant Director, media relations

For more of the video story visit

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Aloha Delhi - More Images

December 28th, 2010

Aloha Delhi - More Images From Slums of Khajuri Khas

Mahalo to my dear friend, Peter Gellatly, for this beautiful picture book message that reminds us all that it is within our power to make miracles. His article is in our previous blog, "Aloha Delhi". All photographs are courtesy of Peter, shot three weeks ago in Khajuri Khas.  You may send him an email ( to find out more. A donation would be deeply appreciated, too, and the address is Childwatch India, PO Box 88377, Honolulu, HI 96830. Mahalo and Best wishes for the New Year.

DSC_0374 DSC_0463


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Aloha Delhi

December 26th, 2010

Aloha Delhi

Mahalo to my dear friend, Peter Gellatly, for this beautiful picture book message that reminds us all that it is within our power to make miracles.

Twenty years ago three little girls led me away from the steps of a mosque in Old Delhi to where they and their families were living on the ground. I took their pictures and returned the next year, when they were still homeless. Already I loved them, though I can't say why beyond their radiant smiles, and I didn't like where they lived. Poop on the ground. A dead goat. I decided to do something, and we piled into rickshaws and found a spit of land where I built little houses. Homeless no more.

DSC_0413 DSC_0233

c2010 Peter Gellatly


Over the years, I ended up building many more houses, and schools, and micro-financed businesses like vegetable carts, dry goods stands and used clothes shops, all in a slum called the Yamuna Basti. In 2004, the local government demolished the slum and everything we had created. Now I house 29 families in a poor section of Delhi called Khajuri Khas, where we have a new school, a medical system, and more little businesses. The three girls are mothers now. One young man, Harphool, started on the footpath and today has a master's degree in social work. Another is a computer animator in London. There are many failures, too, and I can't forget how a six-week-old died in my arms simply because we didn't recognize basic malnutrition. Never again.

DSC_0173 It turns out to be easy to make a difference. Some of our people are too old and weak now to work at all, so I support their entire food needs for a dollar a day. We  enroll kids in hostels providing room and board for about the same amount, and    their lives are forever changed. Here are some pictures of the children. I took them  three weeks ago, and I am happy to share them during the holidays, when every  smile somehow reminds us more keenly of what really matters.

Peter Gellatly

Happy Holidays from all of us at

Aloha and Namaste


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Kids Hurt Too

December 24th, 2010


Kids Hurt Too

Holiday season got you feeling a bit introspective and more emotional these days? Or you've been  considering the personal footprint you're going to leave on this world? If so, you're not alone. We baby boomers are "at that age".  We want less, less stuff.  But we want more, more meaning in the years we have to look forward to and many of you are making huge effects on how Hawaii is being shaped for the future.

I've been meeting people in our community who are contributing in major ways by their acts of generosity and kindness.  The folks at Group 70 represent a business that has never lost its core mission through the decades and while they continue in their success they have maintained a clear focus on how their work can emanate positive effects in the community.  Then there is a small cadre of people, year after year, who've been donating their time every week to record books and texts for the blind.  Paul Berry and Helen Noh Lee (my mother) are among them.  For years Matt Levi has quietly initiated programs at public housing, in Kalihi, providing young people with alternative activities and a place where they find nurturing and hope. There are many individuals and teens who volunteer at the Food Bank, at IHS, Y.O... and there is a hui that focuses on kids and children who cannot protect themselves.  One of these organizations is called Kids Hurt Too.

Their work focuses on children who are victims of child abuse, neglect, parental substance abuse, death or separation; all life's cards dealt to little guys who may develop behavioral problems that lead to other issues as adults.  Major life changes and loneliness affect children just much as they affect any of us. Perhaps even in a more profound way.  The Out Reach for Grieving Youth Alliance was founded in 2001 and since then they've created four organizations: Kids Hurt Too (peer support and mentoring programs for orphans, foster kids, and children separated from one or both parents due to divorce and incarceration), Hawaii Foster Youth Coalition (HFYC), a youth led group of current and former foster youths (14-24) and educational services that train volunteers to work with grieving children, crisis interventions for families with children when a suicide, homicide, or violent death occurs in their world.

It's the season of families gathering and holiday celebrations for most of us.  This year perhaps we can all consider alternatives to buying yet another gadget or piece of clothing and instead make a cash donation to any number of worthy non profit organizations. If you can't contribute kala there is always a need for your time and other kinds of support. Happy Holidays everyone. Life is Good.

Contact: Cynthia White,  Executive Director, Kids hurt too & HFYC  808-545-5683

For more visit

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