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Makahiki - Punana Leo

November 28th, 2010

Makahiki - Punana Leo


Makahiki is the Hawaiian celebration of harvest time and acknowledgment of a new agricultural season and new year. Related is Makaliʻi hiki which refers to the rising of the Pleiades, that rascal star grouping that so many cultures recognize, some even credit the star cluster as home to earth's original inhabitants who visited our planet and stayed, but that's another story.  The word could also be related to ma Kahiki, "as in Tahiti" and linked to the god of fertility, Lono, who was known to take the physical form of a mortal man. This year's Makahiki was Punana Leo's 3rd annual public celebration welcoming Native Hawaiians and non Hawaiians to Kapiolani Park, in the shadow of Diamond Head, just steps from Waikiki Beach.  As you may know, Aha Punana Leo is the non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Hawaiian language community, organizing the Pūnana Leo Hawaiian language immersion preschools throughout Hawaiʻi.

Enjoy this brief clip (for more visit  where you can see hints of modern Thanksgiving and Christmas celebratory traditions in the feasts, games, and community celebration.  In ancient times during this period the people stopped working and made offerings to the chief or aliʻi, and then spent their time eating, dancing, surfing, and having a good time. War during those four months was kapu (forbidden).  A good habit we would be wise to re-visit.

For more video check out Pacific Network at

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Down to the Wire - Mai Tai Rumble

November 25th, 2010

Down to the Wire - Mai Tai Rumble 11.23.10

Mai Tai Rumble 11/23/10

Guest Judges:
Greg Azus, Hawaiiʻs Natural High (and Pipeline Cafe)
Jason Genengabus, Honolulu Star Advertiser
James Baloaload, Anheuser-Busch

Open Mic Contestants: Phoenix Rose, TTYM
Open Mic Winner: TTYM

Island/Reggae Contestants: Bikini Knights, Breath of Fire, H-Trey
Island/Reggae Winners: Breath of Fire & H-Trey

Aftershock: Ookla the Moc

For more video of all the bands visit

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Chef Wayne's Incredible Turkey

November 24th, 2010


Chef Wayne's Incredible Turkey

... and you can prepare it at home (yes it's that simple!). Chef Wayne Hirabayashi of Hoku's restaurant offers a classic recipe and preparation that is really wonderful.  Watch the video and in just a few minutes you'll pickup some great tips on how to season, color (who knew?!) and roast a traditional bird... or you could pick up this year's fixins' at the Kahala Hotel & Resort and let them do all the work.  The Kahala's dinner is hearty and elegant, a complete feast with all the traditional sides.  If you just don't have the time or haven't quite decided where to dine or you are solo this year and like many of us, the traditional Thanksgiving feast is one of your favorite meals, don't fret! Their turkey dinner is exceptional.  It's $150, feeds five, comes with all the dishes you'd expect (call them and ask) and the pumpkin pie is incredible. They prep only a limited number of meals so call to reserve yours. 888.737.3772.

Enjoy the holiday everyone and give thanks because... Life is Good!

For more visit

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Maoli Art In Real Time

November 22nd, 2010

Maoli Art in Real Time


Maoli Art in Real Time (MAiRT) is part of the Maoli Arts Movement, a group of native Hawaiian visual artists and sculptors who are part of a creative energy that is finding a presence here in Hawai‘i.  Hawaiian aesthetic and expression looks and feels different, its tied to this place, and to the metaphors and symbols that are uniquely Hawaiian.  Maoli artists participating in MAiRT and MAMo include Maile Andrade, Kahi Ching,  Kaui Chun, Joe Dowson, Meala Bishop, Mark Chai, Solomon Enos, Bob Freitas, Rocky Jensen, Natalie Jensen, Imaikalani Kalahele, Al Lagunero, Tamara Moan, Ipolani Nihipali, Meleanna Meyer, Harinani Orme, Carl Pao, Brook Parker, Pat Pine, Kupihea Romero, Jordan Souza, hānai Jerry Vasconcellos and many others

“We are the most connected place in the world, from a Hawaiian perspective—it’s the ocean that connects us to each other, not the land.” Says Maile Meyer, one of the organizers of the MAiRT. “Hawaiian artists are finally willing to share, it’s not as though they haven’t been doing contemporary art all this time, its just been done for other reasons. Now it’s time to share our mana‘o, our perspective and mindset with others.  The world needs people who are natural collaborators, that’s the gift Hawaiians have to share with the world, we care about everyone.  In challenging times creative communities are the places where real solutions are being explored.”

MAiRT and the Maoli Art Movement is supported by Hale Kū‘ai, a native hawaiian cooperative and Native Books/Nā Mea Hawai‘i, a local business that focuses on Hawaiian cultural products and locally made gifts and books about Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

Maile Meyer for

For more information contact Maile Meyer at Native Books and Na Mea Hawai'i  808.783.2786

For more video from the event visit us at

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Hawaii Pupparazzi!

November 18th, 2010

Hawaii Pupparazzi!


We'll post some of the videos snapped at the 2nd Annual Pet Film Festival 2010 including more of the winning videos.  Thanks to all our sponsors and friends: Ward Centers, Visionary Radio and KUMU;  host Frank B. Shaner, Aqua Hotels, Wahoo's Fish Tacos, The Pet Corner, and many others.  For more video visit :

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