Mai Tai Rumble Semi Finals

October 28th, 2010

Mai Tai Rumble Semi Finals

Mai Tai Bar. Ala Moana Shopping Center. 3rd flr.  This past Tuesday's show was outstanding. For video of all the bands go to Pacific Network

Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 3.27.23 PM

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  1. Doc Berry:

    How is it that reggae ever came to be considered as island music?
    We don't treat Cuban or Puerto Rican music as if they're Hawaiian,
    and you don't hear music from other islands like Guam or the Marshalls,
    so why the special musical visa for the dreadlocked Jamaicans?



    I'm assuming you're referring to "island music" as Hawaiian music and if so, great question. It's not Hawaiian per se. And there are no rules in Art. Contemporary Hawaiian musicians and composers can continue to cop the reggae beat and call it whatever they wish but I've always looked for native music here in Hawaii that was original, not a copy of some other rhythm, some other accent or pidgin, something authentic. As bossa nova is to Brazil, reggae is to Jamaica, where is an original beat that is Hawaii? Reggae music had an original rhthym that was new and lyrics were political and reggae became instantly a vehicle for the voice of the poor. I produced a number of records with Joe Higgs, one with Joe and the Wailers. Joe was considered Bob Marley's mentor and to many he remains the Godfather of Reggae. He came from dire poverty. He described a life that I cannot imagine. He passed away a few years ago and I'm lucky to have gotten to know him. I asked about reggae and he said it was all in the beat. And that beat emanated from lives of poverty but he always said he appreciated what he experienced. He knew no other life. I think the Hawaiians will find their way and it will someday be reflected in their music. When that happens we'll all hear it. It will be obvious.

  3. Steel Drum Bands:

    Music, Going out. All a man needs- Tim