The Mokes - The Twins

August 25th, 2010

The Mokes - The Twins

Just off shore of Lanikai, Na Mokulua or more commonly known as “The Mokes” has become a precious gem on the East side of Oahu. Hundreds of birds make these Twin Islands their home and they share this beautiful site with the seafarers who visit daily.

On a northwest swell with Kona winds, surfers, kayakers and paddlers take advantage of the reef break. Like many other surfers, twins Mike and Peter Miller grew up near this spot and they enjoyed the unique experience away from the crowds and concrete buildings often encountered in Town.

Sadly Peter passed away in 2006 after a tragic plane crash. His twin brother Mike (born 27 minutes after him) created a company in Peter’s honor. He started Twin Islands Clothing and the company has been successful. Mike's goal has been to represent this Lanikai landmark while paying tribute to waveriders through his original designs and quality clothing.

Big mahalo to Jamey Steiner, cameraman.  For more visit the Sports Channel at or the Arts channel at

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  1. Justin Lau:

    Thanks for this video. Good stuff.