Learn How to Feel Good - Makana Esthetics

August 6th, 2010

Learn How to Feel Good -  Makana Esthetics

Go ahead. Pamper yourself. Indulge in a deep-tissue massage or  a full "mani - pedi set". Whether you're male or female. You deserve it. Heck, even go for the microdermabrasia treatment while you’re at it.

For centuries professional spas and salons have catered to every hair follicle, every nail and every pore on people hoping to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians considered social bathing an important cultural process for healing pains and diseases, according to Taking the Waters by Alev Lytle Croutier.

Today, at places like Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy, the idea of self-treatment turns yet another page in the spa history books. The Honolulu spa not only offers beautifying and healing services but also a chance for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of aesthetics some hands-on experience with a student-operated spa.

Owner Malia Sanchez is the spa guru and mastermind behind this academy-spa which is also the only aesthetics school in the state that specializes in skin care. They offer two types of courses for students. The Progressive Course is offered to licensed individuals, while the Core Aesthetics Course is offered to those new to the industry.

“I realized that we were the front line for the…visitors here in Hawaii,” said Malia, who’s been in the industry for more than 18 years. “I thought that it was really important that our spa professionals be more educated on our culture and what we offer here in Hawaii.”

She opened Makana three years ago and has since seen dozens of her students take flight into the highly competitive world of the contemporary spa industry. Because her focus has always been to integrate the Hawaiian culture into her practice, Malia also accepts students who attend on grants via Alu Like, a program for Native Hawaiians.

“I’m grateful for our students (and) anybody that comes in, but the whole philosophy behind Makana was to help grow our people here,” she said. Malia brought this idea to life after getting a Malama Loan from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

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Alyssa S. Navares, PacificNetwork.tv

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    Deep tissue massage is always the best massage therapy for healing body tissues and relaxing the body and mind. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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    Great to see a local girl take this industry on and infuse her Hawaiianess.
    Imua! We support local business.

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    Thanks for the story.

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