Land Paddling

June 2nd, 2010

Paddles Up!

P.E. classes used to be about kickball and running laps. But with any good program, it has evolved with the times. Today some schools throughout the state are adopting new sports, and the newest of them all being land paddling. It’s the cousin of the popular stand up paddling water sport.

Land paddling takes the same motion but applies it out of the ocean. All that’s required is a head-high stick, a skateboard and some pavement. Students get full body workouts and enjoy the creative direction their teachers are taking to keep them motivated.

“Having land paddling (is) pretty fun for P.E. class,” Mililani High School sophomore Titus Strickland said. “Normally, we  stretch and run … but I like this. This is a little different from our normal P.E. schedule.”

Mililani High School is one of four public schools in Hawai‘i that have added land paddling to its curriculum. Mililani P.E.  teacher Jason Agsalda suggests all schools look into this sport that’s rolling up in the ranks of popular board sports.

It’s an awesome sport because it definitely builds self-esteem and self confidence,” he said. “Just to get kids motivated and get  kids to be active, I’m all for it.”

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