Nelson Ahina

May 27th, 2010

Nelson Ahina

Surfing has long been synonymous with “Hawaii” since the 1920s. As surfing blossomed, so did some of Hawaii’s greatest ambassadors. Legends such as Duke Kahanamoku, Eddie Aikau, and Buffalo Keaulana promoted surfing on a global level. And while the surfing industry continued to grow and develop many lost sight of the culture and the value that can be witnessed in the passion of a few surfers. In the early years of this new millennium, we see a handful of Native Hawaiians who are progressive in pushing the sport forward, but are doing so with their roots firmly planted in their culture. With strong ties to his heritage, Nelson Ahina, is not only making his mark in Hawaiian history as a Native Hawaiian surfer but he is doing so with the true spirit of aloha.

Raised in Kalihi, Nelson quickly found his calling through surfing, “It’s like coming to church. You can come here and just have a good time.”

Having dominated the local amateur longboard scene, at 17 years old,  this state champion has his eyes set on the professional arena. With a clear sense of purpose and new-found support from his sponsors this young Hawaiian is the new face of professional surfing. Hopefully he will garner the global attention his ancestors attained.  He is definitely on the edge.

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  1. Annoddah Dave:


    To see the native youth returning to the "mother" of our existence is more than sport or having fun. As Nelson says, it is akin to a religious experience and how symbolic of our time on earth, filled with ups and downs, cutting to the edge of danger, pure ecstasy of harnessing the power of the wave, disappointment of the end of the ride, and hope for another perfect ride. Such exhilaration is like the title of this blog.

    You have seen the symbolism of the water throughout the is the beginning, the giver of life, the calming medium, the power of nature, and the healer of souls. Mike Nichols used it so well in his movies....

  2. watch The Office:

    ehhe no way!!

  3. InDaMainland:

    Good to see Hawaiian boys doin their thing.

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