Students Get Active With YET

May 17th, 2010

Students Get Active With YET
When school’s out in Nanakuli, students get active at the Youth Education Town center. It’s a place where dodgeball, dancing, art and music meet providing afterschool activities for these elementary-aged kids.

“We’ve given them a sense of belonging here,” said Program Director Claudia Fernandez. “They can come here to have fun, be safe and get off the streets. (We’ll) teach them resistance skills, like staying away from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.”

This is one of 14 YET programs across the nation that’s sponsored by the National Football League. With a $1 million donation from NFL, the Nanakuli YET program built an all-green facility. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs also provided a grant for the program's activities.

“This building is (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified,” she said. “Everything is on a go-green aspect.”

According to Fernandez, the YET facility is the only building on the West side of O‘ahu that’s LEED certified. It’s constructed with forty-percent recyclable materials and includes waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets and a rain catchment for the Native Hawaiian garden.

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Alyssa S. Navares,
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2 Responses to “Students Get Active With YET”

  1. Moke Young:


    It's nice to see that our youth in Nanakuli have an outlet to expend energy through sports, recreation & continued learning activities during the week that can otherwised be steered into questionable & unsupervised activities to pass time.

    Quality learning centers such as this example that will truly make a difference for so many & further spark a childs natural sense of creativity that is a form of constructive therapy important to all of us no matter what age.

    I just spent a weekend day with Sam Kama & his ohana at the NYC American Indian Community House learning how to weave a basket that I gave to a close friend living in a nursing home making for an awesome one of a kind gift that will provide her with cheer for a longtime.

    I also got to spend time jamming with a nine year old harmonica phenom who was amazing bringing so much light to the musical experience. I am happy today that my Uncles let me play & sing along with them during family gatherings during my early days that has made a huge difference for me on a social level & hope to see music, art, cooking & other ethnic activities in Nanakuli to really ad life to an awesome after school program.

    Hawaiian's have always lived green!

    My Dad, Uncles & Aunt's always promoted Green Living in the old style that still works in the life many live today & it's old hat for many when so many today see it as a breakthrough.

    Youngster's need vigorous exercise too & every community in Hawai'i should have a beach recreation facility where they can learn to fish, dive, net fish, surf & paddle canoe. The canoe is a significant facet of Hawaiian culture & ocean knowledge is something our kids can use for the rest of their lives no matter where in the world they may travel.

    Today at age 49, I find myself teaching many in my community about ocean safety & the fine details of Surfing that has fluorsihed to epic proportions & a known pathway to understanding life.

    The importance of a facility such as this is to get kids to smile & cut loose!

    Keep up the fine works.

    God Bless the Kid's of Hawai'i!

    Queen Liliuokalani gave us the gift of Aloha for very good reason & we should use it to our advantage with every opportunity bringing Joy onto others while helping our friends to get where they need to go.

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young, Ambassador of Aloha

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