Kumulipo - UH Fashion Show

April 30th, 2010

Kumulipo - UH Fashion Show

Drawing inspiration from this Hawaiian creation story, fashion design students at the UH showed off their creations.  Designs by six seniors and ten juniors were featured on the runway at the 44th annual University of Hawaii Senior Fashion Show, located on the grounds of Honolulu Hale. Director, Johnny Lombardi, an avid fan of the fashion events of Paris and New York, wanted this year's show to focus on the "art" of fashion.  In previous years these shows had been held in hotels where guests watched the models during a luncheon. On this night, however,  guests were invited to come early to mingle. Like changing media Lombardi's focus was interaction with the audience. When the show started all eyes were on the runway.

"Other shows are more casual," said Lombardi. " That's why I wanted a separation... I wanted people to be seated watching the show... more of a presentation, an entertainment."

The senior's creations covered 3 categories: Nocturnal Romance was a modern interpretation of the little black dress, Age of Adornment featured garments decorated with embellishments and ornamentation, The 5th Dimension showed off clothing distinct in shape and silhouette.

For more video visit ARTS.pacificnetwork.tv

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