Therapists make music

April 29th, 2010

Therapists Making Music

Music has always been an integral part of Hawaii with the hula and kanikapila-style jam sessions that add to its diverse culture. But today a local non-profit is playing a slightly different tune by using music as a form of treatment for people with disabilities in the state.

Sounding Joy Music Therapy, Inc. started in 2002 and is the only organization in the state providing such therapy. It’s considered as a profession worldwide with the exception of Hawaii, says President Keiko Kajiwara. That’s why Sounding Joy plans to introduce a bill next year to  recognize this treatment as an official profession for therapists.

“We have to figure out a new way and pattern of communication beyond words, and that is music,” said Kajiwara, who now has about 200 clients and 150 more wait-listed.

Qualified therapists use different musical elements (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) and instruments to promote better communication and mobilization for clients, most of whom are autistic.

Dr. Reiner Haus recently visited from Germany to speak to college-aged students on the importance of the study. Hawaii Pacific University students role played in order to understand music therapy better.

“Self-experience is the key experience to being successful at this profession,” said Dr. Haus, who has been visiting from Germany for the past four years. He is in strong support of creating a bachelor’s of arts degree for Hawaii students interested in majoring in music therapy.

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4 Responses to “Therapists make music”

  1. Moke Young:


    "Life is good!"

    Mahalo's for yet another fine topic & one ever so important during this moment in history when many continue to struggle with the complex scars of a down economy & recession aided doldrums.

    We can simply cave in or show up for life daily while armed with proven spiritual aides such as Art & Music that can elevate & empower our souls.

    Or, we can simply give up, ponder & relinquish hope.

    Every being is directly connected to the sacred world & it's that energy we aim to tap especially when the walls start caving in upon us during times of duress & extreme hardship.

    Our Kupuna and/or forefathers have been hinting of this practice for years & in the case of ancient Hindu practicioners, they knew long ago how music tones & color therapy have direct impact upon our organs or Chakara system allowing many to enter a higher being or spiritual state;

    "Art is the media in which the soul speaks" C. Jung

    "Music is the language of the heart & soul."

    The production of Art & Music festivals are ever so important today providing large populations with an inexpensive yet power medicine.

    The Woodstock Art & Musical Festival of 1969 helped to shape a generation & spawn a peace movement here in America.

    Being exposed to higher levels of energy through singular meditation is extremely challenging to even the advid practicioner yet near instantaneous when channeled by five or more well nourished souls & last weekend I got a taste of that experience for the very first time that was one of life's finest moments for me thus far.

    Beside my body & mind functioning effectively & with ease, the Protea flower cutting I took with me from a Hawaiian event prior to is still blooming vibrantly a week later & a positive sign of a nutritional event.

    The audience was directed onto a rich pathway during the "One World Concert" by the following master artists who combined their talents & enery centers chanelling positive energy & allowing the group to enter that higher energy field that was magical & an experience so important to our physical being & ultimately longevity.

    Ellen Frank:

    Eugene Friesen:

    Steve Gorn:

    Glen Velez:

    Fred Johnson:

    My mind & body have increased in awareness & responsiveness after attending the above mentioned concert & the Protea cuttings I took with me from a NYC Hawaiian event, is still blooming vigorously a week later that seemed to absorb the mana too! Whoa!

    These experiences can originate through anyone of high spiritual integrity no matter what race, color, creed or religion. It's a universal concept practiced by nearly every religious group known to man/woman through varying forms since 9 of 10 organizations seek to promote peace, love, joy, generocity, compassion, humility & goodwill.

    In Hawai'i, the sprawling land & seascape provides an artful backdrop & when coupled with location can provide the resources for this energy channeling awakening raising participant souls to that higher energy state opening massive doors to groom advanced life coping skills & emotions of stability unlike any other natural experience.

    For me, I took music & art with me upong leaving Hawai'i to better understand the country at a grass rooted level & took quite sometime to experience this higher energy teachings yet looking back, I've found it to be something our Kupuna have been trying to tell us for eons!

    It's nothing new to many of the past yet inventive when your soul is caught up within the rat race many are hewn by today that is sad & find it my duty now to share with great pride & why I write today from my personal prospective with respect to yours.

    Art, music, aroma, color & pet therapy are only a handful of proven media required to attain stability & that direct connection to the sacred world boosting ones health & spiritual wellbeing that is key to longevity as we know it while heeding to the call many have shouted for years!

    Mahalo's for your time reading this long note.

    "Life is good!"

    Mahalo's Edgy for another fine topic & one of great interest to me.

    Keep up the awesome works.

    We all have the responsibility working within our bounds to make this world a better place & as a Hawaiian, the works of so many before us have installed the tracks for us to follow & examples of Aloha that is grand.

    With Great Sincerity,

    Moke Young

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