Maui Lavender Co.

March 28th, 2010

Maui Lavender Co.

On a drive up country Maui we found a hidden secret. It is Cathy Toda's lavender farm and the Maui Lavender Company. It's like entering heaven and mahalo to Cathy for creating the state's first and only purely organic lavender farm featuring 82 lavender varieties and a collection of exotic roses.  Maui Lavender is "aromatherapeutic, luxurious, natural" and if you go on their site these are only a few buzz words that come to mind when you suss out what this local company offers the public in a world-class product line. Not to mention Maui Lavender is the only organic lavender grown on an extinct volcano, on the cinder covered slopes, of majestic Mount Haleakala.

Ok a little about this plant used for centuries around the world?  Upcountry Maui provides a microclimate suitable for the growth of lavender. With the lack of water and approximate 4,200-foot elevation on the slopes of Mount Haleakala, this is an ideal location for growing this drought resistant plant that thrives in colder regions. Very few locations within the Hawaiian Islands are capable of supporting lavender so they are grown on Maui, the island voted "best island" for several years in a row, visitor count to the area increasing each year.  The purchase of omiyagi (gift items for friends and family) and remembrances of visitors' trips are a key component to contemporary travelers. They seek out items that are made in the islands versus imported to Hawaii.   So when we support Cathy Toda, and businesses like her Maui Lavender Company, we are sustaining a green Hawaii.  We are buying local products and supporting agriculture in our precious Hawaiian Islands.

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  1. Moke Young:


    As I sniff the collar of my shirt today upon reading this article, I can smell the clean fragrance of lavender oil that was applied to my back lastnight to assist gentle massaging fingers to rub away aches & center my bodies energy system to calm the spirit.

    The aromatic fragrance is quite impressive too as it can make your home feel hospitable & give it a nice fresh scent that definitely perks your mood.

    The dried lavender plant does wonders in the closet too removing any tinge of musky odor & scenting clothing instead of that sometimes pungent moth bally smell dominating many home spaces of the past.

    It would be nice to have a sache of lavender in the car or small personal spaces too.

    Another wiff of my shirt tells me that it is fresh as clean mountain air!

    The verdict is still out for me as far as it's use to reduce stress & anxiety through the skin. I love lavender soap & didn't realize that it has antibacterial properties.

    My friends wife has been making lavender soap since the 1980's in Connecticut that makes for an awesome & inexpensive gift.

    Some claim to that lavender oil can be used as an insect repellent & will put it to the test this summer. I've also heard that lavender can be used to flavor foods.

    Lavender seems to thrive in sandy soil & my friends beach home garden is littered with it along with Rosemary that I love to pick to scent the vehicle.

    I've been really getting into the organic world of late trying many products from stores such as Mrs. Green's & Trader Joe's while condeming the diet of my past replacing it with healthier products while implying aroma therapy & yoga techniques to gain vim & vigor that has worked wonders for my soul providing much needed positive energy to enhance personal coping skills during a time in history when it matter's the most!

    This example by Cathy Toda & the Maui Lavender Company is an awesome one that will save Maui patrons from paying expensive shipping costs & perhaps allowing first time users such as myself to reap the benefits through aroma therapy.

    I would love to have surfboard wax scented with lavender because it would go a very long way & make many happy!

    Thanks Edgy for another great Hawaiian product introduction.

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

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  4. Joleen Curtsinger:

    We are a big supporter! Thanks offering this

  5. Honolulu Mom:

    What an incredible insightful look into our wonderful neighbors and all Lavender Company. Thank you for sharing this video with us and I agree with the other comment...why isn't this higher on the search engine!

    We want more from Edgy and the Pacificnetwork!
    Mahalo to the crew.

    Honolulu Mom

  6. elee:

    Thanks Honolulu Mom

  7. elee:

    Aloha Reginald,

    Thank you. Cathy up country at Maui Lavendar Co. works very hard to make it happen and in such a tough economy. Please send us news on what you might be doing as is all about encouraging green activity in our community.

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