Aloha Waikiki

February 19th, 2010

Aloha Waikiki

Sunday, February 21 (4-8pm) “Aloha Waikiki"

Held in tribute to Waikiki’s great icons of culture and entertainment the event will be filmed as part of the new Internet - television series and the opening of Sheraton Waikiki's The Edge. Sheraton Waikiki has created a brand new beach vista with their multi million dollar renovations and if you have not seen... it's beautiful. The event is free to the public.

This classic kanikapila Hawaiian style gathering will honor Waikiki’s beach boys, beach girls and legendary entertainers; with music by the Sean Na‘auao trio and other icons expected to "sit in".

VIP guests include Van Horn Diamond, Nalani Olds, Jimmy Borges, Tony Conjugacion, Sam Kapu, Nina Keali‘iwahamana, Boyce Rodrigues, Gary Aiko; Beach Boys: Blue Makua, Uncle Billy Lumpy, Ted Bush and others.

The event will also introduce the Waikiki Dream, the first original Hawaiian cocktail in 50 years, its name borrowed from the  film “Waikiki in the Wake of Dreams,” the first film to premiere on Kuhio Beach in 2002. Ironically it was the Sheraton Waikiki and Starwood Luxury Collection and FilmWorks Pacific that premiered the film back then at Kuhio Beach. This became a Waikiki film venue which gave birth to today’s Sunset on the Beach event still popular today -- an event that brought kama‘aina to Waikiki and created a "movable feast" venue for merchants.

The series “Aloha Waikiki” presents an insider’s 24-hour tour “behind-the-scenes” of a Waikiki that most people never experience. Talk story with world famous beach boys and visit behind the scenes with Waikiki’s current trendsetters. Produced by, the series will be broadcast in over 12,000 hotel rooms in Waikiki, on WhereTV, on television later this year and streamed to the world on

Part of the celebration on Sunday includes a final mixology contest with seven of Hawai’i’s best bartenders who create the next signature cocktail, the Waikiki Dream.

To highlight the diversity and style of Waikiki, a unique fashion presentation by 2 Couture’s Takeo Kobayashi and Eric Chandler will feature an historical tribute to Aloha Wear and contemporary evening wear from yesteryear to today. Models include Miss Hawaii 2010 and Miss Teen Hawaii.

Join us!

For more video, visit the Travel Channel at

Alyssa Navares, PacificNetwork

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