UH Students Make Sustainability... Sexy

January 17th, 2010

UH Students Make Sustainability...Sexy

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa is bringing sexy back with a new organization aimed to connect students, faculty, staff and the community through sustainable efforts.

SustainableUH’s mission includes helping those establishing UH as a world leader in sustainable education, research and practices by facilitating community events and providing “student-power” for energy audits, waste audits, and other green workforce projects throughout the 10-campus system.

A campus-wide launch party in October celebrated this new organization. With the “Sustainability is sexy” theme, the public could swap surfboards or trade incandescent bulbs for CFL light bulbs. Paper and beverage recycling drives kick started the party as well.

Two upcoming projects for SustainableUH will include making the UHM Richardson School of Law the greenest law school in the nation and helping the Honolulu Community College save in energy expenditures. Lighting audits and dumpster dives have already started. A pilot program with Pacific Green IT to save power when using computers will be implemented as well.  One of the first initiatives of Help Us Bridge, the parent organization of SustainableUH, included the success at Saunders Hall. More than $149,900 was saved in annual energy without spending one cent. Through the upcoming projects, they hope to achieve at least $150,000 in energy savings while training students on how to be green.

“We can’t do it alone (because) it’s not about one person, one organization, one campus,” Sustainability Coordinator Shanah Trevenna said. “It’s about everyone taking their unique pieces and putting it together for a really big, amazing picture.”

In order to better serve the UH system and the state, students led breakout sessions with more than 70 guests which included political, campus, business and community leaders.  Discussions provided feedback on how to improve transportation, agriculture and waste management. They suggested building bike lanes and secure bike parking areas, as well as providing showers throughout the campus. Current community garden plots could also be shown through the organization’s Web site. In addressing waste management, Sustainable UH found that 84-percent of waste at UHM food locations could be composted if plastics were converted to biocompostables.  Great example of how Life is Good and sustainable without much effort or cost.  Cheers to these UH Students and their mentor for showing us the way.

For more video, visit the News Desk Channel at http://news.pacificnetwork.tv/NewsDesk/

Alyssa Navares for PacificNetwork.tv

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9 Responses to “UH Students Make Sustainability... Sexy”

  1. Moke Young:


    Great example of appying what you've learned!

    I've told my children over the years that you can go to the finest learning institutions in the world and if you can't apply what you've learned, your time would have been wasted.

    I was told time & time again by my employment mentors that if I could not present my self through oral presentations or writing, that I would struggle while climbing my science career ladder. Great job expressing yourselves.


    Here's some of the finest information one could review because the late Dr. Richard Smalley had many of the answers involving world energy consumption requirements and the facts on oil extraction.

    I was blessed to have attended a symposium before Dr. Smalley's passing where he pleaded to Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists to help him connect Bucky Tubes to allow us to extract energy from the sun in a big way unlike the present day technologies. Today, Nano sciences prosessionals are hot on that trail!




    Here's an awesome example from a new company here in Long Island, New York that makes for another great example:



    Hawai'i is home to ~54 of the 56 world climates.

    Hawai'i is the worlds center for fellowship......Duke Kahanamoku

    Hawai'i was green for over 2000 years.

    Hawaii's paradise is complemented by the fact that while we are the most islolated location in the earth, we have western amenities and military might like no other.

    Hawaii's average ambient temperature in 86 degrees F.

    I am hoping that this movement will take off in time & it makes me very proud to see Hawaiian's taking a stance in the right direction during a time in history when our government has collapsed upon the backs of innocent children and during a time when we need much more focus on math & science.

    I've traveled all over America while employed as a health physicist for 28 years while knowing that nuclear energy will outlast oil just as soon as production levels out. Now is that time.

    We will need to imply every type of promising energy source, at the same time, ultra-violet rays from the sun is our most abundant natural resource and why we need to learn how to connect Bucky Tubes and as Nano sciences matures, so many things will be changed on a permanent basis!


    Aloha is a powerful source that should never be overlooked and something that many Hawaiian's possess despite it's continued declined.

    Aloha is a force that has made life so much better for me traveling for so many years while breaking many racial barriers that still exists today. There's a reason why Hawai'i is called the Aloha state & now Barack Obama is leading the way even without Hawaiian blood because his grand parents & Mom knew of it's importance and a way many can become spiritually nourished.

    Spirituality comes in all different forms and not just from a single religion or two. Living in Hawai'i connects many to the the sacred past that all humans are a part of & something that should never be taken for granted and the most sacred area in Hawai'i is the Pyramid Rock & North Beach shoreline located in the Mokapu ahupua'a.

    If you believe that you will become successful while not attending to your personal spirituality needs, you will be rudely awakened when faced with adversity and a great example is that of Hawai'i government officials whom are simply reacting while implying very little or no innovative solutions and even went after our children's education that was a basis for our forefathers founding this country knowing how education would promote effective growth.

    If I could do it over again, the only thing I would change would be to have paid attention to my spirituality & nourished it while growing up, at the same time, it's never too late to free your soul from attachments that can imprison your soul.




    My friend, Deborah Dufton, director of the East End Green Festival, has started a movement that has become extremely popular & something that UH may consider hosting. You can contact her at:



    Keep up the awesome effort & example taking the bull by the horns when others appear to be blind of the fact.

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

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