Embracing the Cloud - PTC 2010

January 17th, 2010

Embracing the Cloud - PTC Conference 2010

The Pacific Telecommunications Council held its 32nd annual conference at the Hilton Hawaiian Village this Sunday. The coming together of telecommunication companies worldwide will continue until Wednesday and is an important networking opportunity for Hawaii and global communications companies.  This year's focus is on emerging "cloud-based services" that are inspiring far-reaching changes in the telecom industry and for the consumer this means the world we live in is headed toward even greater connectivity.

Whether in the business of service by satellite, submarine cable, equipment or  software development, investment, research, policy making, other "ICT" work, or content providing which is what we do at Pacific Network, this group of professionals is in Hawaii to forge alliances, negotiate agreements, and learn from other’s experiences.  PTC 2010 is a fascinating event and a platform where competitors may break bread, have one on one discussions, and make alliances with each other while witnessing this current evolution of "clouding". Love the nickname.  It's a reference to a cluster of systems working together to create a greater system working in tandem. The implications have great influence on a digital world that is rapidly evolving.

Our Hawaii based Internet television network, PacificNetwork.tv, is a small innovative example of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television - a system through which digital TV service is delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet and broadband IT accessed networks instead of being delivered through traditional radio frequency, satellite signal, or cable TV formats).  And we offer different channels much like cable television.  So we look forward to this evolution and as per the telecom pundits we spoke with, "This shift will challenge existing business models..."

Oh no! not again!  Haven't we seen enough change in the last decade? I hear you and I hear our colleagues in the newspaper business, other print media, network television affiliates who have merged to meet demands of this downed market, advertising agencies who cannot steamline any more than they have already done in this last year.  But wake up Virginia,  the world is changing and we have to pay attention, be open to change, and hang on!

Stephan Beckert, Gary Kim and Richard Taylor are  PTC 2010  Program Co-Chairs. Sharon Nakama, CEO; John Hibbard, Pres.& Board of Governors

For more video  -- up at the close of today's conference -- please visit:


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