Shark's Cove, North Shore Oahu

January 16th, 2010

Shark's Cove, North Shore of Oahu

Hawaii has had some giant swells come in and surfers, tow-in surfers, and spectators have been soaking up the glory of nature at her finest. We left town the other day to capture the crashing surf anticipating 20 - 30 ft waves.  Thanks to Professor Steve Businger, our weather guru, he and his fellow meteorologists were right on spot.  Surf was big at 2p with a monster swell coming in by 4p - 6p and growing.

Here is a short clip from this week out at the North Shore of Oahu -- one of the greatest destinations on the planet for those of you who are not familiar with the island of Oahu. Here you get a taste of old Hawaii in just a 45 minute drive from Waikiki. Terrific restaurants, my favorite boutique (Silver Moon), roadside pizza, Ted's Bakery (home of the world's best chocolate haupia pie), the Surfing Museum, glass blowing, shave ice stands, old style Mom & Pop shops, and great folks out there. Then there is the surf.

We asked producer, Jeff Mueller, if he wouldn't mind taking some shots from in the surf.  He's an experienced open ocean waterman, agreed to do so, and he also took our small Canon out there in its underwater housing. With Jeff in the shot we had a frame of reference to show just how big the waves were on this day.  Shooting 30 -35 ft in the air, Johann Bouit, back in Honolulu from setting up a studio in Papeete, Tahiti; shot on a high def Sony EX3 from a bluff about 30 yards from the edge of the reef.  To the right of Shark's Cove, muffled by the crashing waves, we heard a helicopter hovering overhead with another video crew capturing some tow-in surfers. (That's when a jetski tows a surfer out because the waves are too big to paddle. Then these big wave surfers are dropped into the wave and the jetski high-tails it out of there before the 40-50 ft wave begins to break).

Some folks go to the office.  I've gotta admit as demanding as our line of work is ... this kind of experience makes it all worth it.  So please enjoy just another "Hawaiian day at the beach".

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4 Responses to “Shark's Cove, North Shore Oahu”

  1. Moke Young:


    Mahalo's for presenting the raging ocean there at sharks cove and in my mind, one of the finest outdoor oceanic laboratories in the form of linking tidal pools and especially at low tide.

    My uncle Paul, whom once ran the ranch in Waimea Valley, lived on the beach to the east of sharks cove and where we enjoyed fishing, celebrating with music & food while engaged in family fellowship Hawaiian style that was always about Aloha & a lot of it.

    The ocean reef tidal pools are a place where young and older minds can explore allowing their imagination to run wild while collecting differing sea creatures like shrimp (opae), tiny mudskippers, sea cucumbers, crabs, octopus, star fish, snails (pupu) & other varieties of fish while understanding such things as defense mechanisms or color contrasts.

    There are deep tidal pools there too that are crystal clear and where we learned to fish catching Hinalea, a colorful reef fish not normally sought for food since many are smalller in size. When I visited Hawai'i with my children, I was sure to set-aside ample time for them to explore & play while dressed with reef shoes for protection against the sharp lava rock & reef.

    It's also a prime diving location when the surf is down especially during the summer months.

    My Uncles speared a lot of fish & eels diving just off-shore.

    What a great location and a great resting spot to stop over & use the comfort station & perhaps to Foodland to replenish supplies.

    I applaud Oceanographers worldwide and invited a large contingent to the NOAA headquarters here at Brookhaven National Labs for lessons on Hurricanes & aloowed my peers to gain a close & intimate view with cutting edge forecasting models & satellite forecasting tools.

    Working at the lab, I got to get a great lesson about the surf here in Long Island, NY and wanted to share the most awesome surf forecasting tool out there designed by NOAA scientist and well before others such as surfline.

    This wave forecasting tool can allow the user to understand wave height & wind conditions by three hour intervals. We cross check the above mentioned forecast through the local buoy data here:

    One of my goals for building a surfing website was to educate people in all phases and provide parents with tools that they can use to forecast surf with their kids & to better understand about surfing hardware & accessories knowing too that they are the key to young advocates whom desired gear & when parents are better educated, many purchases materialize and a win-win solution for all.

    There's no place like the North Shore of Oahu & what I'd ike to see is more surfers banding together sharing their food, Aloha & music into the evening while carrying on at the sunset golden hour where anything you consume under those conditions will taste fabulous.

    If Hawai'i visitors could get that kind of experience, they'd surely consider a return visit vice touring alone or with a commercialized operation that could never deliver the same service with an authentic vibe.

    Two of my friends run surfing school's there in Hawai'i and both are surfing legends that I highly recommend since they are about Aloha, highly qualified / skilled & able to provide surfing lessons for those of all skill levels to better understand Hawaiian oceanic conditions providing tons of tips & water safety procedures.

    Darrick Doerner, Tow-in Pioneer & Life Guard Extraordinaire:

    Dane Kealoha, World Champion & one of the worlds most radical surfer in huge surf:

    Mahalo's for bringing the motion of the ocean to my view that has been therapeutic & an opportunity to reflect.

    Surfing large waves brings so many things in this life to prosective & as far as your soul, you will certainly find out just what youre truly capable of & have euphoria pouring out of your ears & if you can magnify & redirect that energy upon another being or passion, you got the making of something unique & over the top.

    Keep up the awesome works shedding bright light. Life is no more than sharing or making others feel good.

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

  2. Floy Waag:

    Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search. :)

  3. elee:

    hmmm... thanks for the tip!

  4. Benedict Darity:

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