Halekulani Green Cuisine

January 11th, 2010

Halekulani Green Cuisine

It was a night of green cuisine at The Halekulani Hotel last Friday. and Master chefs Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, and Vikram Garg wowed the taste buds of those who attended.

“Alan’s Wong lobster and corn (soup) was just the best,” said Laurene Cianfrani, of Pennsylvania. “Roy’s got great steaks, and Halekulani is a wonderful house to all of us.”

All ingredients come from local farmers. The corn used in Alan Wong’s dish was grown out on O‘ahu’s north shore in Kahuku. It’s part of what makes the event’s theme:  Sustainable Cuisine.

Sustainable Cuisine is the practice of using products that are grown, harvested and processed with the least amount of impact on the environment. This includes locally grown produce, locally sourced and humane meats and seafoods.

“What sustainability allows us to do in Hawai‘i is support local culture, local commerce and the local workforce that’s producing products,” said Chief Operating Officer Peter Shaindlin of the Halekulani Corporations.

Students from the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head worked alongside the local chefs, learning through sight and taste. The proceeds from the event will benefit these students as well.

“That combined with the educational component, so many young people influenced and working with Halekulani coming out of culinary institute, we feel that it’s important to create an avenue for them to achieve what they’re trying to achieve,” said General Manager Gerald Glennon of Halekulani Corporations.  “To do it in this day in age, when sustainability globally is such a huge topic and relevant thing to realize, it just makes perfect sense.”

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Alyssa S. Navares, PacificNetwork.tv

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5 Responses to “Halekulani Green Cuisine”

  1. Moke Young:


    Great subject and during a time when our nation is heading down the Green path.

    Green was always apart of family cooking for me using fresh ingredients from the land & sea in Hawai'i and in my mind nothing new & a good reminder since growing old requires a balanced diet.

    The era of prepared foods using mass amounts of sugar and/or salt is winding down as many have discovered ill effects caused through an increased diet of processed foods such as hot dogs or canned goods.

    So much of our processed foods are high in sugar as are many popular food products such as soft drinks that will take it's toll when it's all said and done.

    There are so, so many home chefs in Hawai'i that can blow away even the professional and a testament to an art passed down the generation tree of life. In the case of my family, we planted, fished and foraged many of the ingredients we used to cook with.

    My Dad refuses to eat out because he always felt that he is getting jipped while knowing too that he can do a better job for much less & to include dishes not included on many menus.

    Many of the recipes I see on menus have transpired from chefs of the past in Hawai'i yet others accept awards form something they learned to cook from someone else and perhaps a family member.

    All of the great chefs I met abroad use fresh local ingredients as much as possible and have utilized many recipes and techniques of the past.

    To me, the chef is in us all and cooking at home removes oneself from a ton of germs during a time when H1N1 is of great concern & the fact that many restaurants have a low turnout due to the recession.

    Hawai'i is just an awesome place to gather fresh ingredients, take them home and prepare a healthy, tasty & well-balanced meal fit for a celebration because the recipes found in Hawai'i are like no other place I've experienced and a heck of a lot cheaper.

    When you take a well prepared meal to the beach, it always taste so much better and if I were living in Hawai'i, I would be eating many of my meals at the waters edge to gain the full effect of eating and celebrating with the pallette and other senses!

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

  2. Eric J. Franklin:

    Normally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to voice that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  3. elee:

    big mahalo Eric

  4. Bramley from Growing Apple Trees:

    Hello there, I really enjoyed this post. I have just started up a website and am in the middle of creating somewhat diverse content. Would you object if I write something about this blog? Of course I will provide you and this post due acknowledgment and place a link to this page :D.

  5. elee:

    Hi Growing Apple, feel free to spread the green. For more please go to PacificNetwork.tv There is a Green channel on Science and an Eco Travel channel on Travel Channel. Enjoy!