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Kajukenbo - Who Knew?

January 28th, 2010


Kajukenbo - Who Knew?

Who knew that the world renowned mixed martial art called "Kajukenbo" was created in the mid 1940s right here at Palama Settlement in Honolulu?  Developed by a group of men who called themselves the "Black Belt Society" they all held black belts in various martial arts and in classic Hawaiian style they shared.  They met to train and learn from each other and then formed a "hui". From this collaboration the beginning of an "evolutionary adaptive style" was born.

There were five men credited as co-creators of Kajukenbo, and it is from their respective arts that Kajukenbo draws its name: Peter Young Yil Choo, Frank Ordonez, Joe Holck, Adriano Emperado and Clarence Chang. KA, JU, KEN, BO: Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Chinese Boxing. And for those who are familiar with martial arts the styles are: Tang Soo Do, Se Keino Ryu, Kodenkan Danzan Ryu, Kosho Ryu, and Chu'an Fa Kung-Fu.
According to the members of Kajukunbo the philosophical meaning behind this "grandfather of mixed martial arts is " Through this fist style one gains long life and happiness."  Enjoy this brief clip. For more visit Pacific Network at
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UH Students Make Sustainability... Sexy

January 17th, 2010


UH Students Make Sustainability...Sexy

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa is bringing sexy back with a new organization aimed to connect students, faculty, staff and the community through sustainable efforts.

SustainableUH’s mission includes helping those establishing UH as a world leader in sustainable education, research and practices by facilitating community events and providing “student-power” for energy audits, waste audits, and other green workforce projects throughout the 10-campus system.

A campus-wide launch party in October celebrated this new organization. With the “Sustainability is sexy” theme, the public could swap surfboards or trade incandescent bulbs for CFL light bulbs. Paper and beverage recycling drives kick started the party as well.

Two upcoming projects for SustainableUH will include making the UHM Richardson School of Law the greenest law school in the nation and helping the Honolulu Community College save in energy expenditures. Lighting audits and dumpster dives have already started. A pilot program with Pacific Green IT to save power when using computers will be implemented as well.  One of the first initiatives of Help Us Bridge, the parent organization of SustainableUH, included the success at Saunders Hall. More than $149,900 was saved in annual energy without spending one cent. Through the upcoming projects, they hope to achieve at least $150,000 in energy savings while training students on how to be green.

“We can’t do it alone (because) it’s not about one person, one organization, one campus,” Sustainability Coordinator Shanah Trevenna said. “It’s about everyone taking their unique pieces and putting it together for a really big, amazing picture.”

In order to better serve the UH system and the state, students led breakout sessions with more than 70 guests which included political, campus, business and community leaders.  Discussions provided feedback on how to improve transportation, agriculture and waste management. They suggested building bike lanes and secure bike parking areas, as well as providing showers throughout the campus. Current community garden plots could also be shown through the organization’s Web site. In addressing waste management, Sustainable UH found that 84-percent of waste at UHM food locations could be composted if plastics were converted to biocompostables.  Great example of how Life is Good and sustainable without much effort or cost.  Cheers to these UH Students and their mentor for showing us the way.

For more video, visit the News Desk Channel at

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Embracing the Cloud - PTC 2010

January 17th, 2010


Embracing the Cloud - PTC Conference 2010

The Pacific Telecommunications Council held its 32nd annual conference at the Hilton Hawaiian Village this Sunday. The coming together of telecommunication companies worldwide will continue until Wednesday and is an important networking opportunity for Hawaii and global communications companies.  This year's focus is on emerging "cloud-based services" that are inspiring far-reaching changes in the telecom industry and for the consumer this means the world we live in is headed toward even greater connectivity.

Whether in the business of service by satellite, submarine cable, equipment or  software development, investment, research, policy making, other "ICT" work, or content providing which is what we do at Pacific Network, this group of professionals is in Hawaii to forge alliances, negotiate agreements, and learn from other’s experiences.  PTC 2010 is a fascinating event and a platform where competitors may break bread, have one on one discussions, and make alliances with each other while witnessing this current evolution of "clouding". Love the nickname.  It's a reference to a cluster of systems working together to create a greater system working in tandem. The implications have great influence on a digital world that is rapidly evolving.

Our Hawaii based Internet television network,, is a small innovative example of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television - a system through which digital TV service is delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet and broadband IT accessed networks instead of being delivered through traditional radio frequency, satellite signal, or cable TV formats).  And we offer different channels much like cable television.  So we look forward to this evolution and as per the telecom pundits we spoke with, "This shift will challenge existing business models..."

Oh no! not again!  Haven't we seen enough change in the last decade? I hear you and I hear our colleagues in the newspaper business, other print media, network television affiliates who have merged to meet demands of this downed market, advertising agencies who cannot steamline any more than they have already done in this last year.  But wake up Virginia,  the world is changing and we have to pay attention, be open to change, and hang on!

Stephan Beckert, Gary Kim and Richard Taylor are  PTC 2010  Program Co-Chairs. Sharon Nakama, CEO; John Hibbard, Pres.& Board of Governors

For more video  -- up at the close of today's conference -- please visit:

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Shark's Cove, North Shore Oahu

January 16th, 2010


Shark's Cove, North Shore of Oahu

Hawaii has had some giant swells come in and surfers, tow-in surfers, and spectators have been soaking up the glory of nature at her finest. We left town the other day to capture the crashing surf anticipating 20 - 30 ft waves.  Thanks to Professor Steve Businger, our weather guru, he and his fellow meteorologists were right on spot.  Surf was big at 2p with a monster swell coming in by 4p - 6p and growing.

Here is a short clip from this week out at the North Shore of Oahu -- one of the greatest destinations on the planet for those of you who are not familiar with the island of Oahu. Here you get a taste of old Hawaii in just a 45 minute drive from Waikiki. Terrific restaurants, my favorite boutique (Silver Moon), roadside pizza, Ted's Bakery (home of the world's best chocolate haupia pie), the Surfing Museum, glass blowing, shave ice stands, old style Mom & Pop shops, and great folks out there. Then there is the surf.

We asked producer, Jeff Mueller, if he wouldn't mind taking some shots from in the surf.  He's an experienced open ocean waterman, agreed to do so, and he also took our small Canon out there in its underwater housing. With Jeff in the shot we had a frame of reference to show just how big the waves were on this day.  Shooting 30 -35 ft in the air, Johann Bouit, back in Honolulu from setting up a studio in Papeete, Tahiti; shot on a high def Sony EX3 from a bluff about 30 yards from the edge of the reef.  To the right of Shark's Cove, muffled by the crashing waves, we heard a helicopter hovering overhead with another video crew capturing some tow-in surfers. (That's when a jetski tows a surfer out because the waves are too big to paddle. Then these big wave surfers are dropped into the wave and the jetski high-tails it out of there before the 40-50 ft wave begins to break).

Some folks go to the office.  I've gotta admit as demanding as our line of work is ... this kind of experience makes it all worth it.  So please enjoy just another "Hawaiian day at the beach".

For more video visit and

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Halekulani Green Cuisine

January 11th, 2010


Halekulani Green Cuisine

It was a night of green cuisine at The Halekulani Hotel last Friday. and Master chefs Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, and Vikram Garg wowed the taste buds of those who attended.

“Alan’s Wong lobster and corn (soup) was just the best,” said Laurene Cianfrani, of Pennsylvania. “Roy’s got great steaks, and Halekulani is a wonderful house to all of us.”

All ingredients come from local farmers. The corn used in Alan Wong’s dish was grown out on O‘ahu’s north shore in Kahuku. It’s part of what makes the event’s theme:  Sustainable Cuisine.

Sustainable Cuisine is the practice of using products that are grown, harvested and processed with the least amount of impact on the environment. This includes locally grown produce, locally sourced and humane meats and seafoods.

“What sustainability allows us to do in Hawai‘i is support local culture, local commerce and the local workforce that’s producing products,” said Chief Operating Officer Peter Shaindlin of the Halekulani Corporations.

Students from the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head worked alongside the local chefs, learning through sight and taste. The proceeds from the event will benefit these students as well.

“That combined with the educational component, so many young people influenced and working with Halekulani coming out of culinary institute, we feel that it’s important to create an avenue for them to achieve what they’re trying to achieve,” said General Manager Gerald Glennon of Halekulani Corporations.  “To do it in this day in age, when sustainability globally is such a huge topic and relevant thing to realize, it just makes perfect sense.”

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