Hawaii Pet Film Festival Awards Ceremony

November 15th, 2009

Hawaii Pet Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Bow wow what an event! Glamour and a lot of fur.  Two elements that make for a successful 1st  time event and there was plenty of both at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Center, for the first annual Hawaii Pet Film Festival & Holiday Gift Show. Sponsored by Pet's Discount, DigiPro, and other Oahu businesses, hosted by Hawaii Pet Magazine and PacificNetwork.tv, submissions included photographs and videos shot on consumer cameras to cell phones. $1000 in gifts and cash prizes were presented. All in fun, merchants offered their wares to hundreds of attendees getting a jump on holiday shopping, while attending an unusual event that included three unique fashion shows featuring both canine and animal couture.

The film competition categories included: Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Costume awards, with a special 2009 Lassie Award (service to humans), the Dian Fosse Award (service to animals),  and a video retrospective in memory of animals lost in 2009 including Gidget (Taco Bell), the giraffe who represented Toys R Us, and other great animal actors who have passed.  Written & directed by Mariah Munro & Zhulieta Ibisheva.  The winning entry was "Unleashed" by Amanda Kimbro. This video was amazing! If you're familiar with 'parcourt' theirs is a version of the same only the lead actor/athlete is... a dog.! Bow Wow wonderful stuff.

Mahalo to judges, Russell Tanoue, Chuck Boller, Leslie Kawamoto, and Kim Gennaula; MC, Frank B. Shaner, all the events' merchants and organizations; and to everyone who attended this fun event, see you next year! Special thanks to Mary Long and her team at Hawaii Pet Magazine, Pacific Network's crew, producers, and puparazzi: Max Gibson, Susanne Kurisu, Zhulieta Ibisheva,  Mariah Munro, Alyssa Navares, Isaac Warsh, Jade Chun, Mackinnon Simpson, Michi Moore, Olivier Koning, Jim Goss, Robin Rohr, Austin, and BOTO's Tommy D & Brendon. Big screens courtesy of DigiPro.

ps: Visit the PETS CHANNEL on PacificNetwork.tv and check out Best Friends and The Weekly Wag. Email us.  A list of all winners and runners up will be posted soon and all entries will be viewable. But for now...

for more video and photos visit http://PETS.pacificnetwork.tv/PetPicks/ and to view more photos please check out Hawaii Seen on the ARTS CHANNEL. http://pacificnetwork.tv/blog/hawaii-seen/

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  1. lesliek:

    thanks edgy!

    it was a very fun event. can't wait until next year!

    aloha, leslie

  2. elee:

    On behalf of our staff and Mary and her team, thank you Leslie, and thanks to the Honolulu Advertiser. I agree, it was fun wasn't it! We'd like to do this next year and with the public understanding how easy it is to create videos and slide shows and submit for great prizes and the merchants' prices for great pet stuff we hope to do this again in 2010. What do you think of a Pet Parade? We're talking about this with Jade. There is a huge one in Hermosa Beach (10 years?) and it has become part of their pop culture. They have it on the sidewalks and hundreds of pets enter or should I say their owners go all out with costumes, little pet vehicles, buggies, pet floats. Wonder what it would take to organize this... a lot of biscuits.

  3. elee:

    ps: full coverage of the Hawaii Pet Film Festival will be up very soon on PacificNetwork.tv (Pet Channel). The fashion shows are great and all the finalists video and photo submissions are shown in one of the segments.

  4. tamsulosin:

    good going