Hula Guide - Sunset on the Beach

November 14th, 2009

Hula Guide

is a tribute to the art form presented Sunday at Sunset on the Beach (6-9p). I'm not sure if this is the first Sunset on the Beach film screening that will include Japanese language (subtitles) but come on down to beautiful Kuhio Beach and enjoy.  This night is sponsored by Japan Airlines and it is a wonderful evening of dance, films, and video.

After stage presentations, excerpts from Hula Guide (Produced by Jeff Mueller, Co-Produced by Blaine Kia; Executive Producers Jeff Au and Edgy Lee) have been selected from volumes I & II & III, hosted by Kumu Hula Blaine Kamalani Kia and Noelani Chang, with music archivist and Kumu Ainsley Halemanu. This is the definitive series on Hula featuring kumu from all islands and different halau (schools) with one focus in common: the love of hula and a commitment to perpetuating the culture and protocol, and the deeper spiritual meaning of the art form.

Shot in some of Hawaii's most breathtaking locations on all islands, in a rare combination of documentary style film with instructional segments, scenes are real. Authenticity in this series to be released this holiday season (pre-orders) pay tribute to all of Hawaii's kumu hula whose expertise should be considered one of our greatest cultural treasures.  Their knowledge is more than dance and it is a shame that these artists are not more accessible in Waikiki with the exception of venues like Mana Hawaii and in a few shows in our hotels. Visitors and local folks would appreciate their influence.  What the kumu have to share is what the visitor is seeking.

So come down to enjoy Hula Guide followed by excerpts from Waikiki in the Wake of Dreams, courtesy of FilmWorks Pacific, the first film that initiated Sunset on the Beach at its premiere in 2001.  Recipient of the New York International Film & Video Best Cinematography and Best Editing Awards among other awards, 30 mins of clips from this film screens in Japanese.

Lastly, as part of a tribute to Uncle George Na'ope, co founder of the Merrie Monarch hula competition, mahalo to KITV and General Manager, Mike Rosenberg, for allowing JAL to screen this rare piece of television, "30 Years of Merrie Monarch". A 30 minute compilation of scenes from the very first days of this world renowned hula competition, the "Olympics of hula", which takes place every year in Hilo.

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2 Responses to “Hula Guide - Sunset on the Beach”

  1. Moke Young:


    Great job perpetuating the ancient art of Hula!

    Keep up the awesome works.

    I look forward to viewing related videos.

    One thing that still stands out in my mind as of 5 years ago is the message I read on a CD jacket of a Dennis Pavao CD that was given to me by a talented hula dancer.

    The wife of the late Dennis Pavao stated that in order to preserve Hawaiian music and those things related, we must share it and/or give it away.

    Today, it is a message that I take seriously and apply it with every opportunity I have to make a difference yet with no attachments nor expectations & by Aloha instead.

    That motto or fact of life wades against the flowing tide of beliefs in many cultures that suggests cultural art skills remain as proprietary information, at the same time, narrowed mindfulness both today and yesterday is a certain recipe to ensure short life expectancy & ultimately extinction.

    A recent example was the decision of Cyril Pahinui to teach his family slack key trade that was once Tabu or Kapu going against the flow but a requirement of his time to ensure preservation and more importantly, continued growth knowing too how ultimately music heals & how the world is in dire need!

    Outside the bounds of school or organized sports, it seemed customary to never ask anyone to teach their cultural related skill, reveal trade secrets and instead was expected to listen, watch & act learning through time consuming personal experience demanding twice the output and time vice a well organized & proven systemmatic approach.

    Raising young ladies for sometime now, I've found that my job was to bring the world to my childs view and much of it was immersed in formal learning such as is the case with organized sports.

    Of all the worldy cultural lessons, Hula is an awesome art form that communicates in the universal tongue.

    The ancient chanting of the Hula Kahiko is an ever popular tone of today similar to the Indian vocal tones of high appeal & acclaim that many Yogi's imply to boost their spirituality knowing that it's absorbtion & calming properties are a proven central skill since ancient times & prerequisite necessary to achieve success and longevity in the bustling world today.

    Many notice the essence of Hula & soothing Hawaiian music as key examples of essential mindfulness necessary to achieve a balanced lifestyle & ultimately a healthy soul.

    I am hoping that Kumu Hula will share their works in the worldwide forum and see Waikiki a first rate platform ripe for meaningful communitcations.

    Hawai'i is the world's center for fellowship and our communications have been known to heal many!

    We know how to live and have learned to laugh with one another vice at each other.

    My Auntie, Alice Namakelua, spent countless hours teaching Hula, Singing, Music & Hawaiian Slack key that have proved to be of life's important skills to allow many to attain a well balanced & healthy soul that is of life's most sacred achievements far beyond any physical accomplishments that money can't buy.

    A great example is Keola Beamer whom in my humble opinnion is Hawaii's finest communicator, artist & cultural Kumu's in the public spotlight and an awesome role model for many young enthusiasts that deserves mention.

    I admire Hula for the fact that it includes a lot of love and a direct connection to the sacred world that every human being is a member of from the time of their conception.

    Further, the finest Hawaiian show I've ever attended was the annual Castle High School May Day Pageant's that were well choreographed and the hula, Hawaiian music and legends made for wholesome entertainment & educational experience like no other I've ever attended.

    I saw a show of similar pageatnry format by Patrick Makuakane that was off the charts and the crowd of non-Hawaiian's reveling at the ancient art form with contemporary glamour taking hula to yet another level!

    If the ancient art of Hula can be replicated through a modern & cutting edge Hula approach in Waikiki by Hawaii's finest Kumu Hula, it would give back so much of Hawai'i that is near extinction like the Aloha Spirit & spawn all sorts of good in an infinite sense.

    Crossing my fingers!'s Hawaii's next step!

    Don Ho knew this all along and it was his wishes that the music resonating out of Waikiki be done so with tons of Charisma & Cheer!

    It's one thing to entertain and another to do it with charismatic charm & Aloha the way he did it!

    This is an awesome opportunity for us to take a positive turn outside of the box and into the 21st century helping to revive the economy, Hawai'i Culture and more important, the Spirit of Aloha!

    Hana hou!

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

  2. For_ex_stra_tegy:

    I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends.