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November 30th, 2009



Off in the distance of the ahupua‘a of Waimea, a dainty uakoko rainbow casts a faint shadow over the hillsides of Lanikepu. Its low-lying arch almost seems to kiss the sacred wahi pana, where ancient Hawaiian gods and goddesses once dwelled.

Today, students at Waimea Middle School look out their classroom windows and see that same rainbow, taking them back in time and linking them to a place nestled deep within their Hawaiian culture.

Educators at this Hawai‘i Island school have recently been incorporating the beautiful mo‘oleo of Lanikepu with their academic curriculum by showing a short video they created in 2007. The video covers all historic aspects of the hillside – from a women’s healing heiau of Pu‘u Laelae to the forbidden land taboo extended down towards the hillside whenever Chiefess Wao would bear her children.

“It brings me joy and elation to see that the children can learn things that help them to identify with themselves, their place,” said Ku‘ulei Keakealani, resource teacher at Waimea Middle School and the video’s narrator. “It grounds and solidifies them into who they are today.”

She and teacher Pua Case have been showing this video to students before handing out a mapping exercise, where the sixth through eighth graders locate places of Lanikepu. To make it more hands-on, the classes go outside to observe the hillside’s features, putting a visual element to the maps.

“When I listen to the Lanikepu song or watch the video it makes me feel calm and peaceful,” said Keakealani’s fifth grade daughter Kamehana Tachera. “I feel like I’m connected to my people and my place.”

In perpetuating the Hawaiian culture even further, students of Kanu o ka ‘Aina Public Charter School and Waimea Middle School learned and performed a hula pahu one night at the Kahilu Theatre of Waimea. The steady pounding of the pahu drums became the trickle of flowing streams and the howl of dancing winds that night, engaging the audience into the story even more.

“For me it’s all about the students taking my place at the table and being informed enough to make wise decisions in the future of our landscape,” said Case, who taught the students at Waimea Middle School the chant and dance.

Keakealani and Kumu Hula Keala Ching composed this hula’s mele, which was eventually shared with more than 80 students. A mixture of different ages, from 10 to 50 years old, during the performance showed how education is based upon more than just the students.

Keakealani and Case both hope to share the video with more educators, offering it to the public and private educators of the Waimea educational committee and also posting it on

“Just as a word of encouragement to educators, look at stories of your place and community and integrate them into your classroom setting,” Keakealani said. “It will be the best thing you ever did for the keiki.”

Mahalo to Ku'ulei and Pua and everyone in Waimea who participated in producing this video and for preserving and perpetuating those very valuable pieces of history and knowledge for the next generations to come.  For more video, visit the

Alyssa S. Navares for

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Local Ventures Tips for the Holidays

November 27th, 2009


Local Ventures Tips for the Holidays

If you can't stay up to catch the show on Sunday night at 11pm on KGMB, view the entire episode on News Channel this week on

This is a special episode for the holidays.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each holiday season on restaurants, gifts, and home entertaining.  This year there's less to spend but Life is Good! and we don't need to spend big wads of cash to make it so.  This season be more creative.  Maybe it's gathering old photographs and memorabilia of your family members and creating scrapbooks that will remain priceless in any economy.  Or remember how your grandmother made your baby quilt? With scraps of fabric she had saved from sewing all the kids' clothes?  How about those old aloha prints you've had laying around and that favorite dress you can't even wear to clean house because too many pukas?  Think about turning these into a great huge pillow casing for the family room or a special hand made bed cover for the family dog.  Or a hand written note pressed in a book of blank pages for your mother so she can write down some of her favorite recipes and words of wisdom.   Just remember.  What we do with loving care is priceless.  So for entertaining at home during the holidays try baking that stuffed fish you always wanted to try.  Or incorporate greens from your own back yard into a floral for the dinner table. Sunday night tune in to Local Ventures on KGMB at 11pm for decor and floral tips along with great recipe ideas from some of Hawaii's best chefs.  Learn some secrets to saving money and putting the wow in your holiday party.  And have a happy holiday weekend with friends and loved ones.  Remember life is what we make it.  In difficult times life can still be good.

For more video visit

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Aloha Waikiki - Oceans

November 25th, 2009


Aloha Waikiki - Oceans Round 2

If you missed Round 2 of the ALOHA WAIKIKI CASTING CALL and WAIKIKI DREAM Bartender's Competition featuring 10 Cane Rum and Funkin Puree from Southern Wines & Spirits Hawaii... no worry. The next party is this Friday November 27 at LAVA ROCK LOUNGE at the International Market Place in Waikiki. Parking available at the old Waikiki Theatre and off Kuhio.

The Waikiki Dream competition is all about creating a special drink and the contest is held during the course of this series of parties.  The events are courtesy of Southern Wines & Spirits Hawaii and Sheraton Waikiki along with HASR fine wines, Kona Brewing Co., Mobi ( love the Hele), DigiPro, Hilo Hatties and Pacific Network.   The Waikiki Dream cocktail will take its place along side the Blue Hawaii (1960s) and the Mai Tai (1940s).

Members of Connections (Pacific no cover free entry.  Join us for pupus, HASR fine wines, Kona brews, Waikiki Dream samplers and all for $10.  Yes. Aloha is in the air. Get snapped by paparazzi and try out for a role in Aloha Waikiki, a series that will air on, in hotel rooms throughout Waikiki to the North Shore, and broadcast on television in 2010.   Some of the clips shot at the events will also be included in the show so look good and come join us.

For more information and a schedule of where we'll be in December:

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Hawaii Pet Film Festival Awards Ceremony

November 15th, 2009


Hawaii Pet Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Bow wow what an event! Glamour and a lot of fur.  Two elements that make for a successful 1st  time event and there was plenty of both at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Center, for the first annual Hawaii Pet Film Festival & Holiday Gift Show. Sponsored by Pet's Discount, DigiPro, and other Oahu businesses, hosted by Hawaii Pet Magazine and, submissions included photographs and videos shot on consumer cameras to cell phones. $1000 in gifts and cash prizes were presented. All in fun, merchants offered their wares to hundreds of attendees getting a jump on holiday shopping, while attending an unusual event that included three unique fashion shows featuring both canine and animal couture.

The film competition categories included: Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Costume awards, with a special 2009 Lassie Award (service to humans), the Dian Fosse Award (service to animals),  and a video retrospective in memory of animals lost in 2009 including Gidget (Taco Bell), the giraffe who represented Toys R Us, and other great animal actors who have passed.  Written & directed by Mariah Munro & Zhulieta Ibisheva.  The winning entry was "Unleashed" by Amanda Kimbro. This video was amazing! If you're familiar with 'parcourt' theirs is a version of the same only the lead actor/athlete is... a dog.! Bow Wow wonderful stuff.

Mahalo to judges, Russell Tanoue, Chuck Boller, Leslie Kawamoto, and Kim Gennaula; MC, Frank B. Shaner, all the events' merchants and organizations; and to everyone who attended this fun event, see you next year! Special thanks to Mary Long and her team at Hawaii Pet Magazine, Pacific Network's crew, producers, and puparazzi: Max Gibson, Susanne Kurisu, Zhulieta Ibisheva,  Mariah Munro, Alyssa Navares, Isaac Warsh, Jade Chun, Mackinnon Simpson, Michi Moore, Olivier Koning, Jim Goss, Robin Rohr, Austin, and BOTO's Tommy D & Brendon. Big screens courtesy of DigiPro.

ps: Visit the PETS CHANNEL on and check out Best Friends and The Weekly Wag. Email us.  A list of all winners and runners up will be posted soon and all entries will be viewable. But for now...

for more video and photos visit and to view more photos please check out Hawaii Seen on the ARTS CHANNEL.

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Hula Guide - Sunset on the Beach

November 14th, 2009


Hula Guide

is a tribute to the art form presented Sunday at Sunset on the Beach (6-9p). I'm not sure if this is the first Sunset on the Beach film screening that will include Japanese language (subtitles) but come on down to beautiful Kuhio Beach and enjoy.  This night is sponsored by Japan Airlines and it is a wonderful evening of dance, films, and video.

After stage presentations, excerpts from Hula Guide (Produced by Jeff Mueller, Co-Produced by Blaine Kia; Executive Producers Jeff Au and Edgy Lee) have been selected from volumes I & II & III, hosted by Kumu Hula Blaine Kamalani Kia and Noelani Chang, with music archivist and Kumu Ainsley Halemanu. This is the definitive series on Hula featuring kumu from all islands and different halau (schools) with one focus in common: the love of hula and a commitment to perpetuating the culture and protocol, and the deeper spiritual meaning of the art form.

Shot in some of Hawaii's most breathtaking locations on all islands, in a rare combination of documentary style film with instructional segments, scenes are real. Authenticity in this series to be released this holiday season (pre-orders) pay tribute to all of Hawaii's kumu hula whose expertise should be considered one of our greatest cultural treasures.  Their knowledge is more than dance and it is a shame that these artists are not more accessible in Waikiki with the exception of venues like Mana Hawaii and in a few shows in our hotels. Visitors and local folks would appreciate their influence.  What the kumu have to share is what the visitor is seeking.

So come down to enjoy Hula Guide followed by excerpts from Waikiki in the Wake of Dreams, courtesy of FilmWorks Pacific, the first film that initiated Sunset on the Beach at its premiere in 2001.  Recipient of the New York International Film & Video Best Cinematography and Best Editing Awards among other awards, 30 mins of clips from this film screens in Japanese.

Lastly, as part of a tribute to Uncle George Na'ope, co founder of the Merrie Monarch hula competition, mahalo to KITV and General Manager, Mike Rosenberg, for allowing JAL to screen this rare piece of television, "30 Years of Merrie Monarch". A 30 minute compilation of scenes from the very first days of this world renowned hula competition, the "Olympics of hula", which takes place every year in Hilo.

For more visit and

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