Labor of Love - Paul Marino

September 7th, 2009

Labor of Love - Paul Marino

Got the ribs marinating? Beach towels in the back of the truck? It’s Labor Day and like millions of other Americans you’re taking a well deserved day off. But do you have any idea how this holiday came about?  It began as a way to recognize and remember that hard won right to unionize. So we honor all the courageous men and women who struggled for worker’s rights from the late nineteenth century to pre-statehood Hawaii. During these difficult economic times we are thankful for work that fulfills our spirit. Truly.   The adage, “work smarter not harder” is for the birds. If we advocate that kind of attitude we can be guaranteed our next generation of workers will be looking to other countries as the innovators and world leaders. So here I defer to the most appropriate person to quote on Labor Day and that would be local boy, Punahou graduate, and our current U.S. President, Barack Obama:

“We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential.”

So work hard, play hard, think big, act responsibly and remember there are others coming up behind us and if we can imagine a perfect world we will can create that world around us because... Life is Good.  Enjoy the day from all of us at Pacific!  Stay tuned for more video of Paul Marino (mahalo to co-producers Susanne Kurisu and Alan Wolensky) on "Da Kine Job", a new webisode series coming soon to
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  1. Moke Young:

    Aloha kakou!

    The Labor day celebration of 2009 was quite important and for me during a time when many struggle around the world yet my friends, new friends and I found a way to enjoy the entire summer while reinventing ourselves & making due with odd jobs to keep the fire burning as we climb together seeking stability during the worst of times.

    The Spirit of Aloha has kept me in extremely high spirits for so many years while living away like a Gypsy and found it important long ago to prepare myself while I wait and so many wonderful things have transpired in my favor over the years & during the past few weeks that is mind blowing to say the very least.

    Job offer's, surf film work, NYT's & local newspaper press, modeling gig's, soul mate & endless good times all at the brink of financial collapse.

    On the contrary though, great thing's can transpire when the mind remains sharp and active relying heavily on the Aloha Spirit and those things related no matter what the circumstances may suggest.

    It's so very hard sometime to remain focused while being homesick yet I know how hard the Hawaiian's of the past have worked abroad to make things easier for you and I and during my travels so many have embraced my family & I when they found that I was from Hawaii. Some kind soul from Hawai'i impacted their lives in the past that they will celebrate for the rest of their lives!

    I've enjoyed the fruit of labor from my forefather's and now find it my civic duty and responsibility to give back and promote Hawai'i culture whenever possible.

    Lucky for me to have masterful Hawaiian music and surfing skills to bring joy onto others through Aloha.

    40 years later, I am honored and happy to have embraced surfing when many viewed us as slackers or pot smoking hippies yet I now understand that surfing is a proven path to understanding life & music a platform for me to impart my soul & that many of the character's are some of America's finest!

    To see another human being catching his or her very first wave one after the other is a blessing and last week this Lindsay Lohan look alike teen & student of mine took 4 foot waves 300 feet all the way to the sand while loving every minute of it! You should have saw this young gals expressions.

    The following image was a shot during the part of the surf lesson when we discussed meditation with the light in front that was magical & allowed this man to become in tune with the ocean catching small waves in a calm & relaxing manner as was intended way back when.

    The Aloha & Kokua by those Hawaiian's during the pre-statehood era has come into play for me and the works of Duke Kahanamoku, Don Ho and Auntie Genoa Keawe fuels me with so much love and inspiration.

    Last week, I spent quality time with Legendary Hawaiian Surfer, Darrick Doerner, here on my beach at Ditch Plains & I explained about my collateral duties as a surfer from Hawaii preserving the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku & spreading Aloha. We also spoke of the works of Duke Kahanamoku & how it has blossomed here in Montauk, NY to one of surfing's finest scenes in the world!

    I felt like a blessed soul to be serenading one of Hawaii's finest introducing him to all of my close friends, sharing the warmth form our campfire, food, cheer and one freidn in particular, Dr. John Kavanaugh, whom adjusted his spine turning his receptors on & connecting his spirit to his soul.

    Darrick & I have been placed on the list for an upcoming surfing movie being made by a Hawaiian filmmaker here in NYC & abroad providing a nice opportunity outside of the box.

    Darrick has been so impressed with the characters within our local surfing network and told me that he intends to spends three months intervals here to help boost the scene and provide youngsters with much needed surfing knowledge and inspiration.

    We are preserving the old fashion beach boy ways and incorporated music this year in varying forms that has brought us that much closer.

    While I wait to get back to work as a nuclear engineer, I find it so important to utilize other skills to promote my culture and give back by being engaged in my community for the sake of our youth.

    Three weeks ago, I made the New York Times on three different occasions that allowed me to perpetuate Hawaiian Culture worldwide & a major personal achievement while never thinking about it and now I see it as recognition for my lifelong efforts.

    During the last hours of life regarding my friend and legendary NYC skateboarder, Andy Kessler, I played beautiful Hawaiian music serenading him as we spoke intelligently and on a spiritual level about Aloha & all things related. Andy Kessler embraced the Hawaiian culture and Lived Aloha!

    He died from complications of an insect bite yet the experience brought so many of us together and now have forged relations within bringing the group of east end surfers that much closer and the paddle out ceremony in the village of Montauk at Ditch Plains was massive and full of Mana. For the very first time, I played from deep within and sung Hawaiian music like I've never sung before and now I am able to impart my soul readily!

    Shrine for Andy with me playing as he sits attentively at the "hotspot" located at the Jetty fronting Ditch Plains surf break.

    Aloha is worldwide. It's no joke. I am hoping that Hawaiian's will never take the Aloha Spirit for granted and instead make it grow as was the wishes of Auntie Genoa Keawe, Don Ho and Duke Kahanamoku.

    Duke Kahanamoku's legacy is so vibrant today & like a magical resurrection with so many surfer's channeling his Mana like never before.

    On September 18, 2009 the annual Surfer's Healing Event for Autism spearheaded by Israel Paskowitz will further illustrate channeling of the Duke's works:

    Mahalo's for your time reading my note. I've always found it quite important to work extremely hard and diligently no matter what the score of the game may suggest; full bore and head first Hawaiian style!

    Mahalo's for your time reading my note!

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young