Kokoleka Lani (Chocolate Heaven) Farms

June 28th, 2009

Kokoleka Lani (Chocolate Heaven) Farms  -

"E Ala E Kau Kau"  (Awaken to the benefits of Good Food) is their mantra and Greg and Marty of Kokoleka Lani Farms and  Kona Natural Soap Company are proud to introduce you to their 100% certified Kona Coffee groves or to their hands-on soap plant located on their  beloved farm in up country Holualoa on Hawaii Island where they take discarded fruit and coffee grown on the land to use in making their organic soaps.     

Greg and Marty are living examples of how sustainability of regional farms and agriculture in the state of Hawaii can work.  And work well.  They provide island farmers an alternative to selling direct to the public and to earn a fair return,  gain the recognition and reward for their efforts and hard work, and they provide the public with quality local grown product.  For more on this story visit  http://travel.pacificnetwork.tv/Ecotravel/

To contact Greg and Marty of Kokoleka Lani Farms go to http://connections.pacificnetwork.tv/profile/GregColden

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  1. moke young:


    Good day & an interesting sense of innovation.

    I love chocolate & my surfer friend Bettina Stelle has major interests in a popular US named brand chocolate company stemming from their family roots in Switzerland.

    I always love how Bettina loves Hawaiian stuff and hosts an annual luau at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum in Long Island, NY & had me perform music there for the benefit. Whalers had similar traits of surfers and skilled Hawaiian ocean voyagers.

    There are so many possibilities still regarding quality chocolates and hopefully the goal is to produce fine and competitively priced products so that the average Joe can experience a party atop their palette and perhaps entice their dates or spouses with the love & emotionally properties some find in a rich blend that supposedly can induce a romantic tingling sensation!

    I've always wondered why Kona sported rich, nutty and aromatic coffee beans & not to mention that famous Kona Gold paka and when I went to Konawaena High School briefly in 1976, I met classmates whom tended coffee trees working along the steep mountainside so rich in volcanic cinder that seems to make everything grow like a wild fire fueled by the oil enriched sage brush & relentless Santa Ana wind.

    My neighbor in Ali'i Kai had a garden and I have never ever viewed a pineapple so large and twice the size of the ones grown elsewhere! It was so temping though & on a hot day I always felt like just picking it, cutting it with a machete like a Country Jack & just munching it without worry of the juices running about and every which way like at the beach where you can rinse off immediately!

    Hum! And..everything in Kona seems contain an extra shade of dark green from the intense suns rays.

    I like to hear when those with an agriculture background can become innovative bearing the wonderful flavors of the world in high yields.

    My brother father in law whom lives in Kahalu'u, Oahu, Mr. Osgood, a well known and talented horticulturalist, helped to develop a strain of pepper for the Pace Picante sauce company that is a hybrid strain crossed between a bell & jalapeno pepper creating a great competitive edge not just in taste but in quantity increased at leased ten fold!

    Large yield.....Not overly hot but just right.

    Hawai'i has at least 90% of the worlds climates and when you delve deep into that subject matter and the infinite possibilities, it's simply mind blowing!

    My first HS girl friend, Leilani Pacheco, was Miss Kona Coffee in 1976 & through that relationship, I got to better understand of the fine details & living in Holualoa where she now sells stain glass art in a roadside gallery in a classic big island artisan community.

    Good luck to Greg & Marty on their fine works while heightening the bar en-route to bigger and more exciting products!

    Hana hou!

    Life is Good!

    Moke Young

  2. elee:

    Aloha Moke,

    Thanks for your comments, as usual, great point of view. When Sag Harbour Whaling Museum does their next luau could you ask your friend Bettina to send us
    some photos for our new channel Hawaii SEEN? http://pacificnetwork.tv/blog/hawaii-seen/
    This is a post for videos and stills from events all over the world. Thanks for blogging! Love hearing from you.

  3. moke young:

    Aloha Edgy,

    I am hoping that all is well!

    No worries.

    I hope to see Bettina in person but will send her an email message indicating your wishes.

    Things are heating up here regarding our weather and Montauk, NY ready to be transformed into "Surf City" and last Sunday's preview was a fine example of Aloha with so many hamming it up on the beach, in the water & at the surfer operated establishments such as the "Surf Lodge" that is managed by Hawaiian Summer Strauch, daughter of Hawaiian legendary surfer, Paul Strauch.

    Summer is a beautiful Hapa Haole girl with those polynesian eyes that can lure one right in! Voom! I saw her Sunday at a surf film debut, Picturesque, by our friend and local pro & artist Mikey DeTemple as she sported a heavy rope fish net looking jacket that brought many laughs as she did her rounds speaking to the surfers in the touchy & feely crowd looking at the weird top!

    She decorated the fire pit area by adding huge Day Beds for many to lounge on while watching the outdoor big screen catching a glimpse of the movie in the midst of a fire, moonlit sky and awesome company.

    Our Surfing scene lacked a music venue and classy hang out for surfers and now the Lodge provides world class music, incredible food / drinks, giant indoor & outdoor surf movie screens, awesome fire pit beach area to get away from the main scene that for me is a dream come true and the entry is always free and on a first come basis yet this lake side establishment has a ton of space.

    It's a place where the surf bum can mingle and chat with those of high society & nearly every walk of life that is unmatched; a huge blessing for many.

    I love to hear about the many Hawaiian ladies doing such a great job bring Hawai'i into their view.

    That is what spawns interest and ultimately what makes people want to visit & when they are shown a great time, will surely spend more.

    Janu Cassidy & her husband, filmmaker Jeremy Spear, of Waikiki, visited Montauk last week taking in surf and good company..

    She's another that has done so much for Hawai'i culture behind the scenes along with Kumu Michelle Akina, helping to build and nurture a Hawaiian community in NYC. She was taken care of by my lady surfer friend Andrea whom is a talented musician and artist whom loves Hawai'i culture.

    They did a lot here in NYC on a shoe string budget and if HVBC, HTA & the State of Hawai'i could provide funding these civic organizations can make a huge difference for the Hawaiian economy and its growth.

    Though I miss Hawai'i like there's not going to be a tomorrow, it's so refreshing to celebrate through surfing the many products and emotions spawned by the magic of Aloha & through the works of Duke Kahanamoku many now channel is Mana!

    Ever since moving to LI, NY in 1997, I've met so many women whom have done so much to promote Hawai'i & it just goes to show how women remain as the pillars to every family channeling the Mana.

    Keep up the great work!

    With Aloha,

    Moke Young

    PS...I love Joong and learned to eat it here in NYC s Chinatown but your Moms appear to be much better with the addition of Black Eyed Peas that is a southern favorite and something I've learned to love eating outside of Hawai'i. Some of the Joong is also wrapped in Lotus leaves & I like the flavor. I am wondering how Ti or Banana Leaves may taste. I love eating Pastele's and in the same category.

  4. Gini Choobua:

    Nice video! As my friends know, I am a true skeptic by nature, and notwithstanding that Greg and Marty are friends, their soap is the best I have ever used. Since the first bar I have used no other. The aromas are novel and enticing, the quality is consistent, there are no animal or petroleum based ingredients, they are naturally moisturizing, and no residue is left on the skin to irritate. If you are interested, visit their website:



  5. elee:

    Gini, Hey sistah! I too love their soap. They are incredible and when you hold them up to other "natural" soaps there's no comparison. They make the best gifts and not to mention I really appreciate how Greg and Marty manage their farm. What they don't use in the food products they turn in to exotic combinations of soaps made with coffee, sandalwood, fruit essence from the mangos and other tropicals they grow. Truly sustainable operation. Plus they're wonderful guys. Thanks for the tip.

  6. elee:

    Please send my aloha to Janu and Jeremy, and all the other ex pats living in the Big City away from home... What fabulous Hawaiian events you guys got going out there! And I'll tell my mother you liked her version with the black eyed peas. I learned to cook a traditional southern new year's day fare. Black eyed peas
    and rice, collard greens, cornbread... do you know that a small bunch of collards in Hawaii is almost $4.00?! I couldn't believe... please send photos and video
    from events back east. We'd love to post them on Hawaii Seen...

  7. cloudia:

    Aloha Greetings!
    When I lived in Kona Mauka, we could set our watches by the daily climate: morning sun / afternoon rain / golden sunset.
    Wonderful things grow in that soil!

  8. K.T.:

    Dear Edgy,

    Thank you for a wonderful story on one of many sustainable enterprises on the Big Island.

    My first encounter with Kona Soap was at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea a couple of years ago. I purchased several bars to send to family and friends. The most glowing response came from our son, then stationed with the US Army in Iraq. He raved about the soap, how it helped get rid of the daily red dust that covered everyone and everything, and how the scent reminded him of his home in the islands.

    Thanks for reminding me of a fine product.

    Much Aloha,

  9. Lorna:

    What a great clip! Greg & Marty's soap is da bomb. We buy it ALOT and its a gift that I love to give to family on the mainland. I've tried other "natural" soaps but they just can't compare to Kona Natural Soaps. And the service - top rate! Are they going to do a clip on a tour of their soap making? That would be one I'd like to see since I haven't been to their soap factory...yet. :)

  10. elee:

    Aloha K.T., I hope Greg and Marty caught your email. I'm sure they would love to know that their soap is doing more than
    getting us clean and that they've sent a bit of the islands around the world.

  11. elee:

    Hi Lorna, we'll post more on Kokoleka Lani and their incredible soaps. For now you can go to http://www.PacificNetwork.tv to watch
    the program. Just search Kokoleka Lani Farms.

  12. Karen Konkel:

    Kona Soap is the best! I first came across it at the open air market in Kona. Bought myself a few bars and after using one in the shower at the condo went back and stocked up. To this day almost 6 yrs later it is the only soap I use in the shower. I have it mailed to me in large quanities as I also give it away as gifts. What is so cool is they have what I call summer and winter scents which when living in Michigan it makes perfect sense to change your scents. The lighter scented ones are perfect for spring and summer and the others are great for fall and winter. If you want a little of the island in the winter just break out a lighter scent and you are almost there. Tho I have been known to mix them around all year long depending on my mood. They make a great product and I hope they continue to do well for many years to come.
    Aloha and Mahalo, Karen

  13. Barbara:

    That's my soap! I use Kona Natural Soaps exclusively, sell it at my yoga studio and give it away as gifts to friends and family. When you watch all the care that goes into making and packaging the soaps, you can understand why they feel so nurturing to use.

    Keep up the great work Greg & Marty.

    Thanks, Edgy, for seeking out the best in Hawaii.

  14. Nava:

    Greg & Marty of Kokoleka Lani and Kona Natural Soap have created, nurtured and offered such great products from their farm. Their chocolate, coffee and wonderful soaps have become a part of our home and our lives. When you see the love they have for the farm and the things they grow, create and produce from their farm and bring to market, you know that plenty of aloha goes into everything they offer. Kokoleka Lani No Ka Oi. Keep up the great work guys!

  15. Ross Sutton:

    Visited the islands on vacation from California, and the family enjoyed a tour of the farm, which was very educational. I was extremely impressed with the soap making process and the use of chocolate material (normally discarded) to make such a great product. My wife loves the soap, and the smell is wonderful. A bar in the dresser or closet just for the fragrance works great. My best to you both and I wish you much success.