Hawaii's Regatta Paddling Season

May 25th, 2009

Hawaii's Regatta Paddling Season

Johann Bouit (PacificNetwork.tv, Sports Director) reports that this year's 2009 Regatta Season starts June 7th.  "OHCRA the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association and other canoe racing associations around the state will be organizing regattas every Sunday, all summer long, at many of Hawaiiʻs famed beaches and water sports venues."

The season will culminate in state championships at Hilo Bay on August 1st.  Donʻt miss that event. It's an old style ohana fun atmosphere (remember when you were a kid) and good clean healthy activities during the entire regatta season.  This is definitely one of the reasons we all pay the high cost of living in our beautiful Islands and why I say that Life is Good doesn't mean you have to have a lot of kala.  No matter what's happening during this economy in living local you find the good life... if you make it happen.  

Outrigger Canoe Paddling is the stateʻs team sport and it perpetuates much more than just competitive ocean sports.  This is an activity that brings out the young and the young at heart and at its core are deeply valuable cultural lessons.  Under 12-year-old categories up to golden masters 60 years and above will be competing in 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile races.  As Johann reports, "Entire families from grandchildren to grandparents participate in the day's events."

 Donʻt miss out on the action this summer but if you do or you're new to this sport, visit Pacific Paddler TV at  http://sports.pacificnetwork.tv/PacificPaddler/  featuring highlights of some Hawaiiʻs best regattas.  See you in the water!  

PS: Ok for those of us who have always wondered but never yet tried it -- in an outrigger canoe the paddlers sit in line, facing toward the bow of the canoe (i.e. forward, in the direction of travel, the opposite of rowing). The seats are numbered from 1 (closest to the bow) to the number of seats in the canoe, usually 6.  The steersman sits in the last seat of the canoe (usually 6th seat) and he/she is responsible for steering. The paddler sitting in seat 1 is the stroker and he/she is responsible for setting the pace of the strokes. The first two positions may also be responsible for steering maneuvers. Outrigger canoeing has grown from its roots in Hawaii and Polynesia to become a very popular water sport, with sporting and social clubs located around the world paddling on lakes in Italy to rivers in Europe and Africa. If you're game, there are plenty of people who can direct you to supporting the sport as spectators or jumping into the water and working those deltoids. 

This clip produced by Johann Bouit, for more visit Pacific Paddler TV at   http://sports.pacificnetwork.tv/PacificPaddler/
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7 Responses to “Hawaii's Regatta Paddling Season”

  1. Tanja Browne:

    Nice, Johann, est-ce que tu etais dans l'eau aussi? J'avai l'impression que c'etait en angleterre, je ne sais pas pourquoi...Very nice!

    From, Tanja (Laurie's friend at Waldorf)...

  2. theDman:

    Nice publicity for the sport. It's always nice to see outrigger paddling get attention.

  3. Doc Berry:

    If you sit high up on the first base side of the new San Francisco Giants AT&T ballpark on a sunny afternoon, you'll see Hawaiian canoes and their paddlers working their way through the ships traffic on San Francisco Bay. Compared to the baseball game unfolding in front of you. paddling looks like the ultimate athletic collaboration. You're right about Hawaiian paddling going global, Edgy. And for that matter, with waves all over the world, Hawaiians were the only people surfing waves until after a Captain named Cook arrived.

  4. elee:


    What a beautiful image. Thanks for the visual. I understand that wa'a or va'a is one of the fastest
    growing sports in the world. They're doing it on lakes all over the world.

  5. elee:

    Hi Tanja, will pass this on to Monsieur Bouit!

  6. Tanja Browne:

    Yesterday was my first time on the Advertiser site, and although I prefer a paper newspaper -- the smell of it and even the frustration of folding it just so -- I do appreciate the site and Edgy's blog. Having this link right on the face of the paper offers an escape from news that can often be quite depressing, and what is especially appealing is that it is devoted to "the creative process," reminding us of the positive things individuals are doing everyday that might otherwise not be considered news. Recording the human aspiration to creativity is just as relevant as any other news, isn't it? Seems like pretty good priorities for a newspaper to feature this blog, if you ask me!

  7. elee:

    Hi Tanja,

    Thank you. What a wonderful way to look at these kinds of stories. Big mahalo from all of us who create programming for PacificNetwork.tv. You make such a profound statement when you say that "recording the human aspiration to creativity is just as relevant as any other news". I could not agree with you more. Many thanks for recognizing that we are all responsible for creating the world we live in. Some artists use canvas, writers take pen to paper, a sculptor draws life from a discarded trunk of a tree, chefs do it with food, others create new realities in film, music, building fine architecture or a small garden. My mantra has been "imagine a perfect world" even as tough as it can be to just get through those days and tough times, those moments when one could use a helping hand, a word of reassurance or a sign of some kind that reminds us that everything is going to be ok and that Life is Good.